Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Capricorn

Skill: pioneer new ways

Negative Imprint: rejection, refusing to cooperate, not including others, taking advantage, overly dependent

Positive Imprint: cooperation, including others, consulting others, sharing thoughts, delivering messages, re-envisioning, building, new things breaking through

As we watch the bigger stories of the world unfold, we continue to follow our personal unfolding mystery today, with important information for our futures coming from like-minded people.  This energy endeavors to pioneer new ways of thinking, interpreting, and revitalizing.

Deeper connections with others are forming to reinforce the network created over the past several decades of healers, practitioners, teachers, dreamers, warriors, entrepreneurs, scholars, and students of the old ways.  It was never the "new age;" it was always the old age.  And now it is time for all of that to rise.  Whatever goodness that has withstood the ravages of "the matrix" will begin to blossom.

Along these lines in the ordinary world today, all activities which promote cooperation and input from others are highlighted.  A much better outcome will result from having many hands, minds, or eyes on it.

This includes problems.  Much of any conflict that emerges today can be resolved by creating an environment where people feel they are part of something and are sharing in something.  A sense of community or home with the feelings of comfort and security is our heart's desire today, so including and welcoming others facilitates a much happier day.

Something that we have "held back" may be trying to come to light today.  This includes ideas, thoughts, creative visions, desires, opinions, support, stories, techniques, etc.  We are here to express ourselves, so follow along and follow your intuition.  It may seem like it's all been done before, but it hasn't been done your way, with your touch, and with the benefit of your experiences.

This month we are charged with responding from the highest stance of the spiritual warrior to whatever situations develop for us.  It is a test, an initiation, that comes with dramatic shifts (upgrades) in consciousness - what is happening now.  The best responses come from a centered, calm mind.  The emotional confusion and spiritual "sunstroke" that accompany dramatic shifts (upgrades) in consciousness can take us off our centered, calm mind.  But we can go right back to it with a little focus.  The key is to recognize when you go off your calm center.  It requires vigilance of mind.

If you are spinning or spiraling at some point today, in your mind return to the parliament of wise owls.  ( A group of owls is called a parliament.)  Retreat into your mind's eye and see yourself among the thousands of others.  Take a rest and enjoy the quiet company.  The distress will dissolve and you can go back to things refreshed, revitalized, and reinterpreted.

It's a stellar day to do things a new way.  Don't hold yourself back.  Be bold.  Share.  Create.  And find beauty, wise owls!  Keep those photographs coming!