Friday, October 24, 2014

New Moon Phase: initiate

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (The Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: keep your head

Negative Imprint: disrespect, superficiality, interpersonal violence, explosions, conflicts, words that burn, anxiety, reactionary

Positive Imprint: unlocked, refreshed, catharsis, flashes of intuition, revelations, messages, the power of love to sway

This lunar month we are like tourists on a sight-seeing bus traveling through a new land, but today the bus goes off the main drag (American slang for "street") to take a closer look.  We need to go beyond the surface appearance of things today, because things are different when you go a little deeper.

Today's energy has a tendency to produce a combustion - a chemical process that explodes heat and light.  So things can get heated and very real, bringing clarity to distortions and showing us the true nature of things.  Tensions and anxiety will be running high as panic tries to ripple through the collective.

That said, the Sabian symbol for the Sun and Venus today is "a broken bottle and spilled perfume." People are inclined toward emotional and/or verbal outbursts, spilling the truth, and generally releasing what has been suppressed.  We want to be very careful with our words because sometimes things we say can't be taken back.  Don't get carried away because people are prone to breakdown today, and the slightest push could send them over the edge.  If you experience this on either the giving or receiving end, with kindness and love, the situation can be salvaged by removing the emotion and drama and sorting through the issues that have been brought to light.  This should only be done if it's worth it.  If what has come to light has revealed a lack of resonance, respect, or integrity - drive on.  The truth of the matter is being revealed to you.

There is another way to look at the Sabian symbol of "a broken bottle and spilled perfume."  It can mean the unleashing of great love.  It can mean freedom from past emotions.  It can be the beginning of something beautiful that sprang from something that broke.

It is hard for us to see things this way today because the negative imprint dominates toward concentration on loss.

I suggest we focus instead on what's being revealed , and therefore gained.

Be smart today.  Keep your head.  Keep watch.  See what's being revealed between the lines and under the surface.  Through it all, remember we have assurance that the beauty of life always prevails.

Note:  Here is a perfect example of the sacred masculine responding.  A hero, a physician, came forward yesterday to tell us what is only being whispered between medical professionals: the Feds (CDC) are coming in and re-diagnosing Ebola patients as having malaria or another exotic bug and then are "disappearing" them and erasing the medical record.  Wise owls are watching.