Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Passion)

Skill: breathe deeply and breeze along

Negative Imprint: deep depressive chasms, feeling torn or that something has been torn from you leaving a hole, separation, inexperience, foolish risks

Positive Imprint: connection, answers, igniting passion, deep understanding, overcoming concerns, rebalancing, transformational healing at the most profound levels

According to the ancient Sabian Gnostics, the energy of this lunar month is like "a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists."  The dizzying, surreal feeling like you are in the "twilight zone" is strong today as we go deeper into our journey.

This month, each day takes us farther into a new mental landscape - new territory or a new world, if you will.  Since it is new, it is unfamiliar and, because we are a traumatized species working our way out of our trauma syndrome, what is unfamiliar is often fearful.  But when you are wise to what is happening and understand that change is underway, it is easier to breathe deeply and breeze along.

Today's energy brings redress/reorientation of societal order.  A balancing of power toward humanity is occurring.  Specifically, today we overcome distance, solve problems, find answers, and generally are driven toward better circumstances and conditions. 

You may be called upon to "translate" what is happening for others.  It isn't always necessary to go into facts and details to support a position or take on reality.  It is often enough to simply acknowledge that we are in the middle of a great change.  Most everyone recognizes or senses this.  What most everyone doesn't recognize is that it is an amazing time to be alive.  Mere acknowledgement of big change coupled with the wisdom that we are living in a historic time can flip someone's mindset from fear to wonderment.  This is honorable.

Today and tomorrow, Venus and the Sun are at the degree of "deep sea divers."  Stay on the bus; don't jump off the deep end.  This energy can take our thoughts to very, very deep places,  This is good for healing and for learning, but can also be very wounding.  

If you dive too deeply into painful places and find yourself having trouble getting back, ask the Mahavidya Kamala (Wisdom Goddess who is a face of Gaia Sophia) to assist you.  Kamala specializes in going into the depths of the underworld to scoop people up.  This energy is best utilized from the perspective of facing the future armed with your experiences of the past.  It can take you as widely as it can deeply.

The Sun continues massive activity with several phenomenal flares yesterday, but still no coronal mass ejections.  The Sun and Venus are traveling together right now and are completing their transit (energetic aspect) to the Chiron Point  - the degree where Chiron, the energy of wounding, healing, and teaching, was discovered.  The Earth is also completing its transit with the Chiron Point.  The Sun, in collaboration with Gaia Sophia, proffers the healing and learning elements of the Chiron Point energy, and has thus far minimized the potentially wounding elements.  These transits complete today.

This is a full-fledged Kamala kind of day.  In addition to being the Goddess of Assurance, she is also a Love Goddess, and a Goddess Who Ignites Passion.  Kamala breathes life into the corners of our hearts and minds.  She helps us remember what was forgotten and helps us find what we need.  She does this by helping us remember what makes us feel passionate about life.  If you need some help with that today, breathe deeply and ask for her help.

Let's stir passion today and bring in some loveliness to the world!