Friday, October 3, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: receive knowledge, information, insight

Negative Imprint: control issues, greed, robbing, expanded militarization, assuming one is smarter than everyone else, disbelieving, unable to accept or recognize, the past returns and demands payment

Positive Imprint: well-arranged, new perspectives, teaching, finding inner self and inner power, "downloading" spiritual information, treasuring others

Class is in session today as the School of Life teaches us lessons, brings clarity, and imparts wisdom.  What will you understand by the end of the day?

Very powerful astrological aspects are brewing in the sky for full expression on Saturday.  Mercury will station retrograde on Saturday and many of the planets will ring with angles.  We feel this building today.  Situations, circumstances, and conditions will present opportunities for growth, but they may not seem so appealing at first.  This is because it is new.  We are unfamiliar with them, which produces a certain amount of angst and anticipation of possible pain.  We focus on the potential for pain or loss because we are a traumatized species.

We are better served by viewing this as angst and anticipation of an adventure.  When you have divine beings alongside, it is an adventure, not a struggle.  We engage the mystery and magic of life instead of the pain and paranoia.

The Gnostics teach us that the name of the divine being that is our Sun is Sabaoth.  Yesterday, Sabaoth delivered a message with an M7.3- class flare with coronal mass ejection at 3:01 pm ET/7:01 pm UT.

The Gnostics (via a group known as the Sabians) deciphered a code of heavenly energies, and this code has been returned to us.  The code is known as the Sabian Symbols and it forms the basis for all of the work here at Oracle Report.

The energy of the Sabian symbol for 23 Capricorn was amplified at the time of the CME.  This symbol is "a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat."

Have you felt like a soldier lately?  Have you felt like you have been in combat?

Apparently Sabaoth does.  And the energetics since the Full Moon of the Leo cycle (August 10, 2014) have been exceptionally intense.  Things are happening fast and chaos is trying to be pumped up within the collective.  When chaos is stirred, new things can emerge.  Order can be molded out of the chaos.  Wise owls understand this attempt to manipulate, seeing it for what it is.

Interestingly, the planet Eris and the asteroid Pallas Athena, both archetypal combat goddesses, were in square to the Moon at the time of the CME.  Energetically, these two energies "bestowed" the two awards of the Sabian symbol.  They are rewards of recognition for the inner fortitude that has been required to hold the line and then to respond to the energies.  They are appreciation for a job well done.

Some will respond to the building intensity today by going in a million different directions.  Energies become scattered, rushed, pushy, domineering, and greedy.  Road ragers will be in full effect.  We acrobatically maneuver around this, focusing on receiving the pearls of wisdom and messages of inspiration that are destined for us today.  The events surrounding them are merely a context for expression, so take the message from what is being shown to you.  You have eyes to see and ears to listen, so don't be distracted by the drama of the matrix.

Stay mindful that class is in session today, regardless of the environment, and receive the instruction.