Monday, November 24, 2014

New Moon Phase: new or renewed

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Skill: set intentions/make marks

Ruling Mahavidyas: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Highest Desires, Goddess of Symmetry of Form) and Matangi (Goddess Who Renews, The Administrator) 

Negative Imprint: overly competitive, propaganda, rejecting intuition, false appearances, elitism, controlling behavior

Positive Imprint: linking things or putting pieces together, shows of appreciation, see through, symmetry, orderliness, self-confidence and authority, stories, opportunities, connecting spirit and body

Multiple themes follow along multiple lines today, and we are accompanied along the way by two of the faces of Gaia Sophia: the goddess who lines things up, Shodashi; and the goddess who cleans up issues and makes sure that things are supported, Matangi. 

Shodashi is adept at multi-tasking; her skills facilitate lining up all the circumstances and setting things straight.  Matangi sweeps away what is no longer needed as things are being set straight.  She relishes in getting rid of anything that was hurting us.  She puts it down with glee.

The day's complex energies bring the impulse to be impulsive when other energies suggest that we use caution and forward planning.  So, action that has been planned and carefully thought out is supported, while leaps or risks that are uncalculated are not.

A wider and clearer picture of the truth of various things - people, places, things, ideas, circumstances, motivations - tries to come to us.  The catalyst for this may be something someone says or something that we hear or learn.  This lunar month is like a long Disseminating Moon phase, the time when we are naturally inclined to share.  Spirit tries to enhance our experiences during Disseminating lunar months.  It wants to make things better and will seek out ways to tell us what will make things better.  Most of the time this happens directly through interaction with other people, but it also happens with sightings or encounters with animals and the repetition of patterns (synchronicities).  When we are open to this feedback, without self-judgment, we naturally come into alignment with the highest and best track.

Chiron stationed direct overnight, completing a journey to heal and remove wounds and trauma that keep us from fully engaging our inner spiritual warrior and fully unleashing our inner sacred masculine.  Chiron rules past lives, and it stations direct at the degree of "a sword used in many battles in a museum," bringing back the memories of the past.  Chiron is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the key energy that the sacred masculine has been using to return to the stage.

With the return of the sacred masculine comes the return of our will.

We engage our will when we make intentions, goals, and wishes.  To make intentions, goals, and wishes, we need desire. 

Desire has become a longer than four letter word in religious and spiritual movements.  The Gnostic texts that have been recovered tell us human nature is a combination of wisdom and desire.  What happens to a species that has one half of their nature removed?

A species that has one half of their nature removed is only half alive.  (And thus, I might add, expresses it through a morbid, mass obsession with zombies.)  We are a traumatized species overcoming the trauma reaction of not allowing ourselves to want anything because when we want something, we open ourselves up to the potential for pain.  To avoid pain, we avoid wanting.  It's classic trauma syndrome.  But in the process, we stop living.

It's time to bring back desire.

This month's influence of the desire via the sacred masculine and the energetic theme of "retired army veterans gathering to awaken old memories," which is the Sabian symbol of the degree of this month's New Moon is served today by Mars, the God of War.  Mars is located at the degree of "a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat."  Perhaps the soldier's bravery came from a combination of wisdom of battle and desire to uphold what is loved. 

Perhaps we should follow suit today.  We are still in the New Moon phase.  Light a candle and set your wish, your intention, your desire for the month and let the heavens work on it with you.  Open up to receiving what's needed to awaken the memories of why you are here and what you are doing.