Thursday, November 4, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati

Skill: clear out the old; separate and release what is no longer needed or wanted

Negative Imprint: disclosing other's information/telling personal secrets, inflexibility, discarding things that are truly valuable, desperate attempts at acclaim

Positive Imprint: validating one's own existence, seeing through smoke and mirrors, being well-rehearsed, appreciating one's skills, grace under fire, talent

A few days ago I mentioned that an influx of light (knowledge) would begin streaming in at the Full Moon and would continue through the remainder of this lunar month.

Today and tomorrow are setting the stage for this "cosmic upgrade" or liberation of spirit.   An advancement in spiritual consciousness is set to occur.  This will change our individual lives in important ways and it will change the collective of humanity in many ways, too. 

This "upgrade" is happening before we reach the Capricorn lunar cycle on December 21, 2014, because the Capricorn cycle is the final critical month in the Year of Changes.  Capricorn is a cardinal sign and completes the four cardinal points or directions.  The most change occurs in cardinal cycles - the lunar months that begin with the New Moons in Aries (most of April 2014), Cancer (most of July 2014), and Libra (most of October 2014).  You can look back to past years and see this also.

But 2014 is about the sea change that brings the re-enchantment of the world.  It is the year of upset to see which paradigm will rule - a paradigm in line with nature or a paradigm that is not aligned with nature, and therefore is unnatural.  The Sabian symbol that describes the energetic for the who year is "the ruler of a nation," and next month will be the final chance for the unnatural side (the Archons and their human minions) to try to move things their way.  They may make some fireworks as their control agenda continues systematic deconstruction and implosion, lashing out in final attempts, but their time is over.  Don't be fooled by twisted events of propaganda that are projected on wide-screen for mindless consumption.  At bigger levels, the collective dream is changing.

We have a very special astrological event happening tomorrow, and I will hold that in suspense, but today's energy attempts to clear out any cobwebs of emotions that still hang in the recesses of the past (especially old wounds or feelings of regret and failure), insecurities that haunt us like ghosts, consequences of decisions that plague us like phantoms, and places inside of us that have died and remain unburied.  The main things that have died inside of us are hope and belief, which means it is time to bury hopelessness and disbelief.  Hope and belief can then be reborn.  The restoration of the notions of hope and belief are major components of the re-enchantment of the world.

Today, this is a job for the Wisdom Goddess Dhumavati.  Today she will winnow or separate what we need and what we do not need.  She gets rid of darkness, especially when we are willing to look at ourselves and our state of mind honestly.  She brings second chances to those who feel like they lost their first chance.  She brings second opportunities to those who missed the first one.  She slays the fear that comes from opening up to hoping and believing again.

Also today something from the past may return for revision or reorientation.  This may leave us feeling vulnerable, but it is happening to move us forward.  It is leaving us open for new opportunities.  Remember that the linking up of people of like mind to form new structures and systems for the future is the main objective of this month's energy.  It's not so much about what we've done to survive to this point as it is about what we do from this point on.  The past is a massive trap right now.  It's the matrix trying with all its might to lure us back into the old ways.  Now it is about new, beautiful and vibrant beginnings.

Also keep in mind that more effort may needed today to adjust the way we communicate in order to fit the way others understand best.  This is important because communication is highlighted since we are in a month that is like a month-long Disseminating Moon phase - the time when we share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those we trust, but also give our feedback.  We help people's projects grow.  We listen to what is being said and watch what is being done around us and take in the data that is useful to us.  We discard what is not useful.

Today's energy also drives us to express ourselves, our skills, and talents in a tangible way.  We want to see a result or a manifestation.  The low octave of this works toward receiving validation from something or someone outside of ourselves.  The high octave of this works toward receiving fulfillment from sharing oneself with humanity.

The benefits of any type of bodywork that is done today are greatly enhanced under today's energetics.  Be extra good to your body today.

We will be glad of anything that clears out the old today because it is making way for the fabulous influx of cosmic goodness that is on its way with the Full Moon on Saturday.  And tomorrow it just gets better.

(Special notes:  Mars will move into Aquarius around 7:00 pm tonight.  Mars in Aquarius brings high levels of POWER.  Power issues may surface as a result tonight.  Also, the Moon will make opposition to Saturn at midnight ET/5:00 am UT.  We will see a rise in the inner sacred masculine with these aspects.)