Monday, December 8, 2014

Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali (Goddess of Endings and Beginnings, Goddess of Time)

Skill: pay special attention to what you see and hear

Negative Imprint:  grumpy, obsession with details, outworn methods, holding on to illusions, despair, dramatic overreaction

Positive Imprint: being open to receiving, maturity, higher mind, healing, compassion (especially compassion for ourselves), bridging, emerging on a new course, solutions, clarity

The first elements of the Full Moon's "cosmic rain" or upgrade in consciousness come into experience today.  These elements involve a new relationship with the concept of time.  The Goddess of Time herself, Kali, joins us today, using the cosmic rain to help us become "timebenders." 

The expansion of our understanding of time and our relationship to it begins today with Jupiter stationing retrograde.  In astrology, this means a planet appears to move backward.  In a sense, when a planet is retrograde, it is traveling backward in time.  Energetically,  it goes back to what has already happened or has been put in play in order to revise or re-tune it. Jupiter will be retrograde until the beginning of April. 

During this time, we start to defy gravity.  Gravity is the ruler of time.  Gravity is heavy.  Jupiter will teach us lessons on how to lighten up enough to lift and bend our minds so that we are not controlled as much by time.  This is a lesson on activating or enhancing our magical, shamanic selves. 

Evidence for this comes from the Sabian symbols or energetic code for the degrees in the sky where Jupiter stations retrograde and then direct.  Jupiter stations retrograde today at "a bareback rider in a circus displays her dangerous skill."  This is energy that takes on great feats and acrobatically defies the ordinary.  It artistically defies gravity.  It is impressive energy in its boldness, but also as the energy for making a mark - an impression.

Leaping through the air and learning to bend time is quite an abstraction, but the lesson comes about quite practically.  The lesson has a plan.  The "teacher's edition" reveals that the lesson comes about through the Sabian symbol for the degree where Jupiter will once again station direct (or appear to move forward) in April.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is "an evening lawn party of adults."  The energy of this symbol references a carefree, relaxed atmosphere where we take a break from the work of work.  In a larger context, we begin to release tight constraints on our ideas about all kinds of things, which frees mind space and    time for the greater mission - merging the worlds, bringing heaven to earth, returning the mysteries, re-enchanting consciousness.

To bend time, we have to bend our minds.  Jupiter excels at this.  Kali delights in it.

Mindbending is enhanced today with Mercury's conjunction with the Sun. This energetic brings a renewal or rebirth, specifically a spiritual rebirth.  When planets make a conjunction or come together, they form a new beginning.  Mercury and the Sun are coming together today at the degree of "an Easter sunrise service."  Faith returns with this energy.  Doubt lifts.  Reverence enters.  Light rises.  Signs, synchronicities, and important messages come to us when Mercury meets the Sun.  This time, the messages are about how to live differently - how to do it a new way.  Pay close attention to what you see and hear today.

Connections, links, and bridges between people, places, and things are forged today, continuing this month's theme of people of like mind, heart, and soul coming together to build the future.

With Kali on duty today, she will shrivel the past into shreds and banish it into the Great Void.  We are wise not to buck this today.  Whatever is moving away is doing so for the best reasons.  Whatever is moving forward is doing so for the best reasons.  It's better to dance with it.  If this is a struggle for you today, contemplate how whatever is happening is not loss, but transformation into another form.

This is quite enough mindbending for one report!  Let's stay alert to the beautiful messages coming to us to forge the future.