Thursday, March 27, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase (6:29 am ET/ 10:29 am UT): release

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

The double-dreamy Balsamic Moon phase blows in today to usher in a three and one half day period of cushioning, care, and protection from higher spiritual forces.

During Balsamic Moon phases we are directed to hold the highest intentions and radiate that energy out and around.  This is how we infuse the field of consciousness with the best possible conditions for seeding ideas, visions, agendas, wishes, goals, and projects with the impending New Moon.  We want to be mindful of our mindset because our minds are very receptive, very impressionable, and very magnetic right now.

Balsamic phases are airy.  This one is particularly so.  It is billowy in the safeguards it provides.  It is important to remember this today.  The day's energy carries signatures of selfishness, narrow-mindedness, insincerity, insensitivity, and preoccupation with perceived failures.

The energy is better served by focusing on how stability comes from the inner connection - the sacred space inside ourselves that is part of all that is.  It is the position of power.  When the winds blow strong, we adjust our stance in this posture.

If you experience something that is disappointing or disillusioning today, there is something else right behind it.  If the future looks bleak or like the best of times is over, be assured that this is not the case.  A rebirth is about to begin.

The Mysteries of the cosmos are in play.  Above all, peace to all.