Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: complete

Moon in Aquarius

Today is the last day of the current astrological and natural year.  Tomorrow we enter the Balsamic Moon phase of the "Balsamic time of year."  Balsamic energy is magical in that it has the power to empower intentions that will be set during the next Moon phase - the New Moon, beginning Sunday, March 30.  Balsamic Moon phase front-loads the energy for the New Moon.  Since we have double Balsamic energy incoming, and double the power to affect the future, we will have a wise plan. 

During the Balsamic Moon phase, we will be keeping "energetic vigil."  By this I mean that the mission is to "guard" and "ground" the field of consciousness.  This means that we will need to be smarter.  To do this, we will jump high above the fear and hold tightly to alignment with the planet.  Our individual effort join with the effort of others, creating a strong wave.    We will make conscious, concerted effort to go beyond what is being pumped into the collective to prime consciousness with trauma-based mind control. 

We can see this happening already.  The barometer of human emotion is high right now.  Mars retrograde adds fuel all on its own.  Everyone feels that change is afoot, but no one can be certain what this will be.  The uncertainty is good because humans are the wild card in the experiment and we have an opportunity to respond.  How we choose to respond to shifting events and where we fall on the spectrum of love/hate for life, determines everything.

If and when you feel the angst that's incoming, this is your cue.  Uranus is conjunct the upcoming New Moon.  Uranus rules lightning and feels like lightning in the body.  We are going to use this to electrify instead of being electrified.  So we will "be" the lightning.  Picture yourself like a lighting bolt striking the ground.  You are firmly rooted with the planet.  The planet is the "go to" for all things, especially when forces are trying to take us off balance.  Sanity resides in nature.  Channel the energy through you as it comes.  It may be strong at times (anxiety, anger, inability to sleep, startle factor).  Do not personalize the energy.  Don't take it on board and think there is something wrong with you.

Today's energy is the energy for completion, rectification, revision, and realignment.  Stand up tall, align your spine, and maintain grounding with the earth.