Saturday, April 26 - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase:  release, transform

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya:  Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: make friends with your shadow side

Negative Imprint: gloom, isolating self

Positive Imprint: plumbing the depths, release from restriction

Saturday's energy is unique in that the energetic signatures from several of the planets are beaming the same themes.  Saturday is "Make Friends With Your Shadow Day."  Things are drawn out - drawn out from within us and freed today.  Anything that is "stuck" has the opportunity to finally move.  From this we gain a new sense of self-respect and value of ourselves.

There are also consistent signatures related to putting on a show or a front, deceiving, and the need to look under the surface to see what is really going on.  We may have to plumb the depths with all sorts of things to get the real picture.  Be aware of this potential.

Overall, freedom of that which has been controlled or trapped within shadows is the main theme.  Free yourself from a burden.

The theme of freedom and release continues Sunday, with the addition of a new path opening up.  Most likely this will require a leap of faith or overcoming fear to benefit or capitalize from it.  Muster the courage of the spiritual warrior that you are and engage your sense of adventure.  The panorama of our lives is expanding. 

Sunday also brings potential for a grand revelation.  This may be an inspiration or a revealing of the truth.

People may be more moody than normal.  The Moon will conjunct Uranus and the degree of this month's New Moon, re-activating potential for the unexpected to occur and setting the tone for big changes.  This is not a good day to have a heart to heart with someone, even if things that need to be addressed are revealed.  Wait at least until Monday.  Sit with your feelings and honor them.  The tendencies are to cut ourselves off from others or overdoing things to make them better.  We can't fuel everything, so don't try.

The energies are complex, but the simple truth prevails: nature is our respite, our sanity, our supporter, and our connection with each other.  Our commonality lies, at the deepest level, in the fact that we all share the planet, share the beauty of the planet.  She unites us.  She is our "go to" whenever we are sad, happy, lonely, fulfilled, ecstatic - everything.  Don't forget her.

As usual, find beauty and keep those pictures coming!