Monday, April 28, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya:  Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: split your attention: perform necessary tasks but rest your mind

Negative Imprint: cold and aloof

Positive Imprint: warm and welcoming

It's a Monday, and the matrix tells us to dig in and get back to work, but we follow another direction - Nature's.  Though we have tasks to attend and things to accomplish, our mental focus is on nurturing our physical selves and warming our inner world.

Today is the last day of the Balsamic Moon phase.  Natural order dictates that this is a day of rest and recuperation.  This doesn't follow the typical work routine of our culture (but it will someday).  So even though you likely have much to work on, while you are engaged in tasks split your attention and keep the real mission for today in mind.  Don't work too hard.  Honor what needs to be done, but simultaneously hold a vision of revitalizing yourself.  This past month has been a massive shot of intensity, change, and new directions.  The Grand Cardinal cross was enhanced by the New Moon on March 30,  bringing together a month of the energies of Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto.  We are ready to move beyond this and into new energy.  New energy is exactly what is on the way with tomorrow's New Moon in Taurus.

Today's energy favors group endeavors, especially those that are designed to bring some sort of warmth, healing, positive feelings, and aid to others. Anything that diversifies or is a diversification of the way things are is supported today.

Today's energy also tries to repair damage.  This may be damage done a long time ago or over the past month.  If you are struggling with finances, health issues, or stress, speak to nature about it and release the worry to her.  Today is about taking a mental rest and resting often requires the surrender of that which has become unmanageable.  If you don't know what else to do about something, give it to the goddess.

One other thing: it's always ok to go down your own path.  We have a responsibility to ourselves to fulfill; sometimes this means we break off, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, and go our own way.  Give yourself permission to do what you need to do.

Today we are wise owls with split attention.  We are present in the activities of the day, but mentally we are on break, resting and re-energizing.  The matrix holds no true power over us and our minds are free.  We are keeping the celebration of nature alive today by honoring her cycles, not the unnatural cycle that is imposed on us.  Take good care of yourself today and it will radiate and "charge" the field of consciousness as we prepare for new energy to enter tomorrow.