Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Taurus/Gemini

Ruling Mahavidyas: Tara and Bhuvaneshvari

Skill: calm down

Negative Imprint: insecurity, fears about security

Positive Imprint: nurturance

What happens to a species when the planets conspire for a month of intensive changes, deep imprinting for things that are lasting, explosive events, and expanding beyond previous limits?  The answer is a species is in crisis.

I think we can all pretty much agree that April, the Aries lunar month, was pure chaos.  The New Moon's conjunction with Uranus and the Grand Cross performed as expected (recognizing that with Uranus, the only you can expect is the unexpected).

So from the churning of cosmic currents, we arrive here on the eve of the pagan celebration of Beltane and its successor May Day, at the opening stages of a new lunar month, the moon of Taurus.  And we are energetically in crisis from the chaos.  Our minds, bodies, and emotions are rather overwhelmed by all of the astrological aspects.

When humanity is in crisis, the Mother energy enters in full force.  Sophia to the Rescue!

Gaia Sophia is the red cross nurse this month.

Don't you feel better already?  Are you already taking on a new lens of perception about your life over the past month?  Can you see the glimmer of possibility of the directions that unfolded with last month's events?  Can you fathom that possibly those events put you exactly where you needed to be because you couldn't get there yourself?

It was the New Moon of the New Astrological year, guys, so lots of things had to be seeded for development.  It was not easy for anyone.  But those things will come to fruition.  They will blossom.  Stating your intentions, goals, and wishes for yourself and for the collective of humanity for the next year was not a narcissistic endeavor.  It was a command to field of consciousness.  You could call it spiritual physics but it is best described as shamanism.

The idea behind today's report is to calm.  The first thing you do with someone who is in crisis is try to calm them by letting them know they aren't alone.  Next, you orient them to time and space, so they see that the trauma is not still happening (or not happening in exactly the same way).  This is called "grounding."

Today we will pause to recognize that the energy is not happening the same way it was last month.  The conspiracy of the cardinal signs of astrology are waning now that the New Moon in Taurus is underway.  We have to transition out of that energy and that speed - that chaos that we had to roll with.  So give yourself some time and space today.  Take a deep breath and know that the great goddess Sophia has come to our aid.  Relax.

For those who want specific information about today's energy: emotions run high, themes of security and independence are carried, concerted efforts are made to keep up appearances, and challenges to the status quo are prompted.

But let me end on the main message:  It's important to calm down right now.  Tell the nurse what is wrong.  Let out your worries, troubles, and heartaches.  Go outside and feel her take your hand.  Wise nurses know the healing power of the hands. 

She's right there beside us.

(Note: I will record an overview of the upcoming month with Andrew later this evening.  I will be discussing world events in light of the Aries New Moon's Sabian symbol "the ruler of a nation" and this month's ruling Mahavidyas - the personae of Sophia that interact with and intervene on behalf of humanity.)