Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon In Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari and Tara

Skill: recognize what is truly of value

Negative Imprint: lack, jealousy

Positive Imprint: sharing

Today's energy is quintessentially Venusian, producing strong feelings of longing for whatever we want or feel we lack.  This includes material items as well as immaterial needs, particularly emotional needs in relationships.  This can cause a host of issues, especially if we fall back into an old habit.  The tendency with this energy is toward jealously and greed.

To handle this energy, we need to air out our feelings.  But we also need to examine if the feelings of longing or lack are coming from the outer, material world of the matrix that deceives us and tries to keep us unhappy.  Ask:  Who says you need this?  Is it truly of value? Is this an old habit or pattern? Does it enable your true self to shine through or does it mask you? Are you merely playing a role? Are you expecting others to take responsibility for something?  Is what you want truly out of reach or is it right in front of you or almost there?  Does something need to be discarded?  Are you locked in a rigid set of parameters?

If this day is a challenge for you or you find yourself struggling emotionally, remember that assistance from higher sources is readily available.  We have a "red cross nurse" at our side!  In fact, we have a few.  I was unable to record last night, but when I do, I will talk about the Wisdom Goddesses Bhuvaneshvari, the World Nurse, and Tara, the Rescuer, She Who Guides Through Troubles.  We have ample aid.  Bhuvaneshvari operates through the spoken word, so you can tell her what's wrong.  Tara is the epitome of compassion and liberates us from obstacles.  Call on either or both if needed.  Wise owls know when to ask for help.

Part 2 of the Black Moon in Leo is on tap with wise owl Janet Hickox tonight at 7:00 pm ET/ 4:00 pm PT.  There are two ways to join us:

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