Monday, June 30, 2014

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: maintain composure

Negative Imprint: recklessness, disharmony

Positive Imprint: consideration, harmony

Today we remain composed in all things.  Doing so keeps the grid of the collective consciousness firmly in place.  We think before taking action or rushing into anything.  We take the time to prepare for things that are important instead of winging it.  By maintaining our composure, our point is made, our voice is heard, our destiny is aligned. 

When we are composed, we generate a strong force.

In general, people are responding from fear and from instinct with today's conjunction of the Moon and the Black Moon.  If you missed yesterday's report, you can read more about this conjunction in the Archives at  Since people will be lashing out, we know to keep our shields of protection in place and will consider matters before responding, even if we only have a moment. 

Mercury will station direct tomorrow and will unlock all of the energy that has been building up and pressure-releasing since June 7,  Recall that communications of all types (personal, electronic, professional, etc.) have been under the influence of energy that is like a cat arguing with a mouse.  As we build to this, the cat or the mouse is likely to take action.  The proper action is to just turn and walk away from it.  Leave it behind.

Additionally, a process of winnowing is underway, which is one of the Wisdom Goddess Dhumavati's specialties.  She winnows through things, separating them.  What does not belong together moves apart.  Vibrationally, situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are no longer in harmony are being drawn apart.  Situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are in harmony are coming together.  This is part of the great shift that is happening this month.  Some things have to change.  Trust in the process.  Let Dhumavati rearrange things for you so that you are in better alignment with what is in your soul's highest and best interests.

(Note: Be aware that at the highest view of what is going on right now, we are holding a field of consciousness that is now stronger than the one created and perpetuated for centuries by the new world order/Archons.  The field of consciousness aligned with natural world order is under heavy attack through the Full Moon phase of this lunar month.  By focusing on the "Positive Imprint" listed above, you are actively participating in the maintenance of the field of consciousness (the grid) that indigenous people have held while the Archons have dominated.  Endeavoring to harmonize and radiate the positive imprint each day is the most important thing that we do no matter what transpires in our individual lives.)