Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Gemini/Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: be mindful of what you are spreading

Negative Imprint: hysteria, emotional tornadoes, gossip, losing control, losing self 

Positive Imprint: pleasure, satisfaction, belief that miracles happen, emotional balance

Today is the day of the year when things spread like wildfire.  Moods, feelings, and sentiments are contagious.  The power to spread or widely affect things is heightened, so we want to be mindful of what we are spreading.

The energy also comes with a potential to surprise.  We may find ourselves taken off guard or tested by something.  After the initial shock wears off, the result may be that we are liberated. Liberation from something that holds us back has been the universe's mission this month.  Today, a clearing of the air comes to discharge things that have built up. 

There is a certain element to this energy that promotes hysteria, imbalance, and emotional swings.  This comes on suddenly.

If you do not like the flavor of what is being spread (either by you or others), halt it.  Walk away or separate yourself in some way.  Disengaging changes the dynamic.  You can return to it after getting back in balance or after the situation has changed.  This includes states of mind and emotional states, not just the environment in which we are physically located.

The creative powers of the imagination are heighted today, as well.  It's dreamy energy during the dreamiest phase of the Moon - the Balsamic phase.  The thoughts and feelings we have during the Balsamic Moon phase set the stage for the next lunar month.  Heightened imagination is best used to envision desired experiences and the future you want.  But an adverse effect can result when our imaginations run wild and lead us into delusion, which is easy with today's tendencies toward hysteria.  To facilitate the best use of this energy, let go and let things flow without worry of practicality or utility.  Think pleasure and satisfaction.

 It is never beyond the realm of possibility for miracles to occur, but today there is much power for such things.  When something that was hidden is revealed or when something that was thought forbidden is seen in a new light, the results can be rather miraculous.  Today, let's engage our imaginations in the Realm of Possibility and hold space for the miraculous to happen.