Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (Goddess of Mirrors) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: undertake a personal quest that your heart guides

Negative Imprint: inability to feel satisfied, indecision, empire-building and control, self-aggrandizement

Positive Imprint: multiplicity, mystery, guardianship, protection

The Sun released an M-6 flare yesterday at 12:20 pm ET/ 6:20 pm UT.  At that time, the Moon was located at 25 degrees of Scorpio.  Solar flares enhance the energy of the day, most specifically the energy that the Moon is broadcasting at the time of the flare.  The Sabian symbol for 25 Scorpio is "an x-ray photograph."  Energetics to be able to peer deeply into things, like the layers of an onion, were delivered.  This is the energy of insight, which reveals the structure and reality of things.  What did you obtain insight with yesterday?  What changes were you working toward?  How is the structure of your life shifting under the intensity of this month?

Today's energy takes us on a bit of a quest.  We are searching for satisfaction with something - something we need.  Along the way, we see situations that have "dried up" or no longer provide what they did.  We see what's pointless.  The search for protection or guidance is also part of this, as is the search for relief from heavy burdens, responsibilities, or things that are weighing on our hearts and minds.  Remember that this month is all about being liberated from what holds us back or drags us down.  We have all the power to leave something behind or let it go.  The best things to leave behind are negative mental constructs and beliefs about ourselves that have been introduced by the parasitic infection of the Archons.

Today's quest also reveals artifice.  Artificial shows of strength and posturing (by people and nations) are exhibited.  Over-doing, over-stating, and overreactions go over-the-top.  We find ourselves shaking our heads with the waste.

Sub-elements of today's energy involve a plethora of choices, indecision over the plethora of choices, and second chances.

Remember that the Sabian symbol for this lunar month is "gamebirds feathering their nests."  I've discussed what this means in two audio recordings (which can be found on the Audio page here at  We are targeted right now - like gamebirds.  The new world order is making big war moves under the Mars-Eris energy.   We have three more days to go in the window of time I highlighted.  Stay grounded with the planet and spend time outdoors to moderate the emotional effects that are being produced.  And don't forget we have two mighty Wisdom Goddesses on duty this month, including Kali herself.  All of the destruction and death that the new world order is pelting us with is being mirrored back to them in short order.  The more they do, the more they are destroying themselves.  We align ourselves with Gaia Sophia and her emissaries as the dissolution of everything contrary to natural world order happens before our eyes. 

We are the parliament of wise owls and we are grounded, aware, and watching.