Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya:  Bhairavi (Goddess Who Calls to Heroism)

Skill: take note of what catches your eye

Negative Imprint: showing off, wanting to be the center of attention, distrust, off balance, appearance over substance

Positive Imprint: bold, courageous, persistence, skill, going above and beyond, duty, substance over appearance

The keyword for today's energy is display.  All kinds of things are on display, but it is important to see beyond the surface of what is presented.

All month long, the energy has pushed us to step out and take action in some way.  This time of year, the natural rhythm of life carries us beyond the familiar.  It takes us out of our usual range so that we can experience new things and grow.  We bridged over a massive canyon during the Full Moon phase.  It's safe to take risks and leaps of faith because they are strongly supported today.  It may be scary, but the rewards that come from change are more than worth it.

It is always true that "energy goes where attention flows," but today we are magnetically drawn toward things that catch our eyes.  Pay attention to what is capturing your attention or what is trying very hard to get your attention.  What is this telling you?  Are you excited and enthusiastic by what you see?  Are you decisively turned off by it?  Is something being compromised?  Is there a disguise?  Does the outside match the inside?  The answers provide key insights.

Muster the courage, skill, or strength to go above and beyond the normal (or expected) level today.  Opportunities are beginning to knock, and it will be up to us whether we open the door to them.  The upcoming lunar month that begins with the New Moon in Virgo, which is always a bountiful time of year, is the time when Spirit intervenes with the intentions, wishes, and dreams that were seeded at the beginning of the year (astrologically the New Moon in Aries cycle, which occurred during April).  Things start to develop with the dreams we've been dreaming.  Paths open.  We can see this beginning to coalesce now and accelerate when the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi comes on duty next cycle.  Bhairavi is working hard to create space in our hearts in which next month's blessings can nestle.

Many thanks to all the wise owls out there who helped to bridge the gap over the super Full Moon energy.  It was a magnificent display of love.  Well done!

Note:  Here are a couple of articles that echo themes I've mentioned over the past year.  The first is an article by Jeff Rense at on Edgar Cayce's material on the future hope that comes from Russia.  The second article I offer for consideration and strongly encourage everyone to watch the short Star Trek (the Voyager variety) clip at the end.  I will discuss these during next week's audio recording of the overview for the upcoming lunar month.