Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Calls To Action)

Skill: take action

Negative Imprint: stopping, resistance, need to stand out and be noticed, missed opportunities

Positive Imprint: manifesting ideas, detail-oriented, patience, sensitivity, expression

The energy to step out, branch out, and take action is exceptionally strong today and tomorrow.  This is because we essentially have quadruple the power of First Quarter Moon phase energy.

First Quarter Moon phase energy wants us to move.  The energetics of many of the planets today echo this theme.  If we stand still, resist the flow, or fight change, the energy will turn in on us and cause trouble (like emotional distress, confusion, anxiety - anything that feels like internal combustion).  Don't wait for things to happen.  Pursue them yourself.

With this energy comes the ability to plan future needs and anticipate the best course of action.  We are highly sensitive today, much more than normal.  We are able to measure and gauge things with better accuracy.

We are inclined toward mixing things in new ways to make them better.  The energy supports taking what is already existing and rearranging it to make something that is refreshed, but not entirely new.  Solid foundations exist and are built upon now to make them more effective and more appealing.  Much of this is courtesy of the Black Moon, which has moved to one of the degrees that specifically relates to alchemy.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Black Moon is "a chemist conducts experiments for his students."  The Black Moon will remain at this degree and disseminate this energy through the Full Moon phase.  More important to note is the fact that the Sun will conjunct the Black Moon just before the Moon becomes Full on Sunday.  For now, be aware that the energy to step out and take action is happening right alongside a growing amplification of our shadow sides.  Your core fear may be tempted to engage.  Since the Moon is in Sagittarius right now, those with the Black Moon in Sagittarius are feeling the most intensity today and tomorrow.  Black Moon in Sagittarius wants to believe, but it insists on proof.  Don't overdo this.  Remember, this energy is about alchemy - changing from one thing to another.  It's magical.

In some way today, step out and take action with something that is good for you today.

(I am Alexandra Meadors' guest once again on her BBS Radio Show "Galactic Connection" today at 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT/10:00 pm UT.  Click here to listen at that time or click here for the archived show later.  We discuss the effects of archontic intrusion in others, particularly family members, and a different way to look at these relationships - among other things!  Alexandra's website is

Also, for those who are wondering, we have quadruple First Quarter energy today because we are in the First Quarter Moon phase of the second of two lunar months this year that are like month-long First Quarter Moon phases.)