Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Moon Phase: initiate, begin

Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: moderate extremes

Negative Imprint: gossip, going on rampages, losing control, emotional roller coaster, hysterics of health or safety, unrecoverable, making things overly complicated than they need to be, taken off guard or by surprise, unhealthy attention-seeking behavior

Positive Imprint: learning, wonder, power of Mother Nature, responding above and beyond, honing skills, rallying, expressing feelings of vulnerability, awakening and inspiration, sounding a call

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (spiritual outposts, building the Second Renaissance)

We have a day of potential extremes on tap.  The nature of the energy is stormy and unexpected.  Shocking things can happen suddenly and test our inner fortitude.  Wise owls know that responses that are above and beyond the normal limits or the call to duty may be required all month long, but especially today. 

This usually entails leaving our comfort zone.  We are stretching ourselves beyond where we have been because we are building "outposts."  We are out-posting or out-reaching ourselves into the future.  As the old system flails and fails, a new one is re-emerging with a twist.  The wisdom of the ancients returns to a now technologically-advanced collective of humanity.  Imagine the possibilities.  (Actually imagine them - the mission of the New Moon phase is to set intentions and insert hopes, wishes, and dreams into the field.  This is how we shape reality or co-create with Spirit.  It all starts or stops with desire, so do not discount what your heart is saying to you.)

Mercury will station retrograde (or appear to move backward in the sky) today.  Long-time readers know that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is usually intense, hectic, and chaotic.  When Mercury stations direct, interpersonal communications, electronic communications, electronics in general, and travel are the areas where challenges surface.  Allowing extra time, having plenty of patience, and sometimes walking away and coming back later is the best advice.  Mercury retrograde always makes things better than they are, but it is rarely on our preferred time schedule.  We have to wait until it is time for things to be "unlocked" or "activated."

In the meantime, the parliament of wise owls is testing out the theory that Mercury retrograde is a muse and we are aiming to be amused by it (in other words try to have fun with it as much as possible).  The energy seeks to inspire something that is pivotal to your future.  In this month's audio recording I talked about how there are certain safeguards and protections that accompany this Mercury retrograde to make sure we get the messages.  If forward momentum slows or if your best laid plans are laid to waste, step back and let the field re-arrange.  Let Mercury put a new spin on things.  Let him spiff them up.

As we are trying to do things a different way, we want to discern if we are compromising ourselves in any situations and/or just going through the motions.  The energy is not supportive of any part of the past that is organized around power and control dynamics.  This month, these types of dynamics play out in relationships (personal, professional, familial) in order for us to clearly see what is happening.  Demands for attention or to be the center of attention are strong today.  Jealousy easily rears its ugly head.  Competition can get ugly.

A warning comes for the most challenging part of the day, the hour between 2:30-3:30 pm ET/ 7:30 - 8:30 pm UT, when the Moon will oppose Jupiter in the midst of the already-chaotic energy.  A chain of events could tip off and send frustration, impatience, and control to extreme levels.  Emotional outbursts, blow ups, or breakdowns are trying to liberate energy that has been pent up.  Our job is to moderate extremes so that things don't become too untethered.

Mercury is our muse, not our enemy today, or at least that is the test.  If you feel tested yourself today, reach beyond your normal limits.  Don't hold yourself back or hide your light.  You are needed.