Friday, January 23, 2015

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: love and heal

Negative Imprint:  over-ambitious, over-analyzing, overly-critical, overly-competitive, causing distress, trying to control nature, testing, false power, feeling guilty and not taking action to remedy the matter

Positive Imprint: attraction, sharp instincts, maintenance, relating, healing, spiritual centers, offering, inventive, balance, achievements

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: an old adobe mission (building the future - the Second Renaissance, outposts, spiritual retreat)

Today, the Sun moves to the degree of "a Hindu healer."  How about we all go forth today with a powerhouse wave of love?

The planets favor it, and there is extra help from Uranus.  Readers who have been following the Oracle Report since last spring know that Uranus has been the main player in the energy and events of the last year.  Today we bid farewell to the energy of Uranus at "a bomb which failed to explode has been safely concealed."  Uranus will not return to this degree in our lifetimes.  The bomb has finally been safely concealed.

Until the hour of the next New Moon (February 18, 2015), Uranus will be disseminating the energy associated with "a serpent coiling near a man and a woman."  Kundalini rising is implied with this symbol, and it is reinforced by the fact that it is Uranus, which rules kundalini and all things electric.  Uranus also rules changes - sudden, shocking, life-altering changes.  This energy attracts, allures, and entices, but it also tends to attract people, places, and things that can obstruct or build a wedge in relationships.  All of this serves to put things into proper order.  Uranus aligns and sets things right.  Serpents bring wisdom.  We will be the better for it by the time the Moon is renewed.  We will have found new ways to relate.

The Moon continues to move through Pisces, activating everyone's shadow sides.  This is in effect until tomorrow morning, Saturday, January 24, around 8:30 am ET/1:30 pm UT.  It is best to keep a gauge on emotional reactions, especially if you are a Virgo or Pisces or have the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces (see the appendix of my book on the Black Moon available for free download at to determine the sign of your own Black Moon). 

On "Black Moon days," as I call them, if we are under stress or if our astrology chart is being activated, we default to projecting our own thoughts and feelings onto others.  We project onto others that which we cannot face in ourselves.  Be aware that energetic triggers are in place to help us integrate the parts of us that are fragmented.  The Black Moon aims for wholeness and takes full advantage of her opportunities.  The Black Moon is the Queen of the Underworld, and she often takes us down to the bare bones to enlighten us.  Be gentle with yourself if she takes you into her realm.  Remember that you are much more than your emotions.

There is the tendency today to over-do things, which is the quintessential issue with the Black Moon in Virgo (the current location of the Black Moon).  In fact, we tend to "way" over-do things today.  This comes about quickly when a competitive element kicks in.  Competition with oneself is the preferred match for the Black Moon in Virgo.  It staves off feelings of incompetence, incapability, and not measuring up because of some nebulous, inherent flaw.  This flaw is unidentifiable because it does not exist.  It is a shadow.  So we will see through the screens that have us feeling like we cannot do, have, or build what we want.  We are qualified for life by virtue of being here.

It may be helpful today to keep in mind that there is nothing to prove.  Nothing has to be put on display to impress or draw attention.  Bragging about successes, achievements and conquests really turns people off today.  It backfires.  Don't engage that battle.

This is the wisdom needed to go forth today in a powerhouse wave of love.  As the Parliament of Owls, we focus our intent and send it out to the world with a great big bow around it.