Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, realization, illumination

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe" (self-empowerment, personal sovereignty)

Skill: focus on what truly sustains and what truly lasts

Negative Imprint: neurotic, performances to trick, insensitivity, slowing progress, fussy, control dynamics, greed, ineffective supervision

Positive Imprint: protection, nurturance, beauty, flowers and flower essences for healing, inner knowledge, direct connections with the past, pure motives

"The Union Jack flies from a new British warship."

This is the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun today - 18 Capricorn.  Have the UK-variety new world order Illuminati minions left their calling card in Paris with the attack at the magazine office?

State-run media here in the US seems to have a ready-made narrative to explain it all to us.

The parliament of wise owls looks deeper.  We know that the Sabian symbols are a code to explain the mechanics of the evolution of consciousness.  We also know that forces that stand opposed to free humanity enact certain events (rituals) at specific times when energetics are most favorable - like a false flag attack when the Sun reaches the degree of the symbol for empire.  The energy to dominant comes when the Sun reaches 18 Capricorn.

There is more.  Venus is located at the degree of the symbol for ritual: "a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play."  Our eyes are wide open, not wide shut.

And, truly, our eyes are on other things - like forming the infrastructure of the future as the worlds of spirit and matter are enchanted to merge.  Our focus is on the precedents of the past that are returning to consciousness.  This is the return of wisdom and comes from the formation of all kinds of things based on wisdom - things like mystery schools (which are spreading like a wildfire that has been meditated upon by fire worshippers to create an ultimate reality of existence). 

But back to the energetics of the day.  Mercury, which is still in range of conjunction with Venus, is located at the symbol for precedent: "a council of ancestors."  This energy connects with the past, so it gives the Illuminati minions a well of past imprints to tap back into.  The power of anything depends on how often and how strongly attention is given to it.  Therefore, today's attack in Paris has not only built upon past events when the Sun was at this degree, but also imprints it for the future.  It happens through ritual.

Click here for a link to Wikipedia's entries of events for January 7 - the day when the Sun is at 18 degrees of Capricorn, the energy of the empire, and be amazed.  Look at the themes of banking and empire.  Look at how the UK and French go at it on this day throughout history.  The British and French branches of the Illuminati think they are the only ones wise to this, but no more. 

You could even take this further and, in a contemporary sense, make a case for France being the place where independence first bloomed and where the union of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine has remained spirited, and England being the place where domination first hissed and where the schism between feminine and masculine has remained demonic.

England is also where the Magna Carta was birthed, so there is always an energetic that runs counter (positive) and available to build upon.

Anyone who understands this has a natural response to want to counter it.  Today, we counter this first by the mere recognition of it.  It takes a strong person - a wise owl - to be able to see this senseless violence perpetrated and know that it is reinforcing a long line of dark rituals.  But some of us humans have to be able to see it and hold the line so that other humans can do it, too.  Perception is a species-wide thing, so when we see the reality of what is happening, others follow.  It's how cognitive dissonance is overcome.

Second, we will shift our focus to one of sustenance - what sustains, what lasts.  We will continue painting the Second Renaissance into being.  We infuse the energetics of the day with a different imprint.  We "over write" the "program" with an energetic that overcomes domination.  This imprint throws off the power and control of empire.  Empires have fallen before.  We are watching it happen now.  Today's attack in Paris won't have the intended effect because the force behind it is weakened.  Imprints of love, beauty, and freedom are much, much stronger nowadays.  More on that another day...

As we go about life today, wise owls will continue to firmly anchor and imprint the positive elements of the energies.  We are an assembled tribe and this is our daily ritual.  We claim our power.

(Note:  It is interesting to me how photographs with pairs of animals are being snapped lately.  The wise owls who sent today's photo report that they have at times four pairs of swans at once.  Yesterday, I was gifted with the rare sighing of four pairs of cardinals in one tree.  Cardinals are my favorite, so imagine my delight!  Yesterday's photo was of a pair of owls who let Kim get very, very close to them on her deck.  Pay special attention to sightings of pairs.)