Sunday, October 4, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Cancer

Goddess of Wisdom: All - led by Shodashi (Goddess of Form)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of the South, God of Waves)

Skill:  practice transforming from light to dark

Catalysts for Change: suppressing emotions, secrets, heightened levels of anger, too much information, gloom and doom, ego centric, attempts to take control, fear, jealousy, overpowering others

True Alignments:  answers from deeply within, bringing something to light, bringing something of true value to another, spreading your wings, fellowship of humanity, attuning to rhythms, release from a burden, options

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a girls basketball team"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Today the Moon moves to the Third Quarter Moon phase, the time of the cycle when we look back to the intentions and conditions at the New Moon (September 14) and see how they have developed.  Do you remember what was happening in your life then?  In the natural cycles of life, Third Quarter is the time when we take stock, analyze, and see what needs to be revised or polished.  It is a time of completion before beginning anew.

This Moon phase is essentially the end of a little larger cycle also, the end of two lunar months that are like long Gibbous Moon phases.  We've had two months with which to make magic and to learn to trust the universe more.

Today, the Third Quarter Moon phase opens with the Sun located at the degree of "miners emerging from a deep coal mine."  This energy is a time of release, a time of leaving darkness behind, and transformation.  The energy often brings a reward.  Fresh air is at hand after a time of deep inner exploration.  Any lingering gloominess is trying to evaporate.

There are eight days remaining in this lunar month.  The month of the New Moon in Libra begins October 12.  Between now and then, wise owls are drumming with the Wisdom Goddesses led by Shodashi, the Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best Desires of the Soul.  We are building more energy into Shodashi's Wave of Love for Humanity.  Between now and the New Moon in Libra we are grounding ourselves firmly with Gaia Sophia.  The next lunar month is a big one.  Potential for worldwide tumult is very high, and we are preparing for the full-blast of light it will bring (it's like a month-long Full Moon).  "Full Moon Fever" will be pervasive.  We know this in advance.

It's important to share the responsibility today.  The nature of the energy is to spread out responsibility, so that no one person is overtaxedThis is indicated by the degree of the Earth at the Sabian symbol " a flock of wild geese."  Geese happen to come under the purview of Shodashi.  Geese share responsibility, taking turns leading when flying in formation.  They also innately fly as to not obstruct their view of what is ahead.  In Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, a gem of a spiritual reference, goose "medicine" is about questing, adventures, and possibilities.  Is a new quest, adventure, or possibility getting ready to open for you?  Has you heart been calling you toward something?  The Goddess Shodashiputs us on that path.

Chatter and noise may become quite loud in our minds today, as Venus once again disseminates the energy of "many little birds on the limb of a large tree."  This energy tends to bring a dizzying level of mental or emotional overwhelm, which can lead to confusion or "paralysis."  Wisdom tells us to relax and try to let the energy help us take on a new perspective so that something that needs to be released can do so.

Today we come out of the darkness and into the light with something.  It's always a good thing.

I would like to thank the wise owls that came out to fellow owl Logan's finish of his cross-country foot and bike trek to bring light to darkness.  It was so wonderful for me to get to hang out with wise owls.  We had a great time sitting on the beach and toasting Logan.  Congratulations, Logan!  We are so grateful to you.