Thursday, February 5, 2015

Full Moon Phase: realization, enlightenment

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: "step aside" and let the field shift around you

Positive Imprint: allowing oneself to be vulnerable, finding grace, comfort, things that feed your soul, fellowship, like attracting like, expressing self, making the best of what's around

Negative Imprint: afraid to speak or stand up for oneself, impossible to satisfy, disconnected, judgmental, suspicious, doing things for show

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (projecting plans into the future, inner spiritual retreat)

Full Moon phases intensify energetics, bringing light to situations so that we can fully see them for what they are.  But Full Moons also bring out shadows, and shadows can quickly turn into more than they are.

In general, people often respond and react from fear on the one day each month when the Moon makes conjunction with the Black Moon.  That day is today.  These energetics will affect Virgos and Pisceans and those with the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces the most.  It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and re-integrate personal power that is trapped in false beliefs that one is not good enough, one does nothing but fail, and one's trust is always betrayed.  It's a trick of the mind meant to divert you from your course in life.

Beginning last night, an energetic entered that "tests" us in some way to gain a higher level of understanding.  It brings in pressure.  But, the energetic coming in right behind around 6:00 pm ET/11:00 pm UT tonight brings assistance and insight for solutions that will unfold tomorrow.

The desire to break free from something that restricts us is very strong with this, but so is the fear of what that would be like (because it is new/unknown).  We are in luck because the Wisdom Goddess who sweeps through like a gentle breeze (or a hurricane, if needed), Matangi, is clearing space and clearing a path.  She is sweeping the field.  It can make things feel weird or jarring because the field is being perturbed.  Remember that this accompanies energetic shifts and that it will settle out.

Step aside from the energy and let Matangi clear the way.  There is ample support and protection in place as the field shifts.  We are along for the ride.  And if you need something to hold on to, think about beautiful things that were created during the Renaissance.  That is happening now.  Can you imagine the things that the Second Renaissance will create?

(Here is the article I was trying to link to yesterday about the old returning in new ways:)