Friday, March 13, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Sagittarius

Wisdom Goddess: Shodashi (Goddess of Beauty)

Skills: adaptability, flexibility

Positive Imprints:  drawing together, compromise, ambitions and goals, getting along, lifting above situations, seeing true abundance, using one's personal toolbox, loosening up, seeing what one can contribute to the collective, opportunities

Catalysts for Change:  uncontained, easily-distracted, avoidance, difficulty coping, over-stimulated, stingy, selfish

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange, self-expression)

I have two tasks for today's Oracle Report.  The first is to relate how this lunar month, which began February 18, is designed to push us beyond where we are and what we have, and to expose us to new ideas, options, and alternatives.  How has this been for you?

The second task is to relate that today gives us a bit of a "breather" or rest in the energy before heavy dynamics return tomorrow (with Saturn stationing retrograde) to continue what I would call an unprecedented energetic build toward the New Moon (Friday, March 20).

But I am already deviating from the spirit of the second task to emphasize the "taking a breather" theme.  The ability to connect with purity, simplicity, and innocence is exceptionally high today.  This energetic lifts us up.  It wants to revitalize and refresh us.  It wants us to understand the paradoxes of simplicity within complexity and beginning within ending.

A higher power accomplishes this task better than I can, and I defer to something very magical that happened Wednesday evening, as the Sun that sent us the X-flare was setting.

Recall from yesterday's Oracle Report my comments on the flare delivering the energy of "a military band marching noisily through the streets" and "fairies (nature spirits) dancing in the setting Sun."  I asked if you were lucky enough to see the sunset.

Well, we are all in luck, because long-time wise owl Heather happened to be recording it on her phone.  Heather writes:

I was looking out my parents' dining room window and could not help but capture the moment.  My father, nicknamed "The Leader of the Band" since he is a retired professor of music, was practicing piano in the background, the 'real-time' soundrack to the video.  How honored I was! 

It is our honor, Heather, and we love you.  Enjoy, everyone.