Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust; magic

Moon in Virgo

Wisdom Goddess On Duty: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: blanket yourself with feelings of comfort, security, and joy for life; look for the silver lining (opportunities); embrace transformation like the butterfly

Positive Imprints: reconnection with the physical body if it has been neglected, revival, carefree spirit, coordination, discipline, independence, acknowledging self, moving beyond seeing only failure to seeing how to improve, not holding back one's gifts and talents, tradition

Catalysts for Change: smugness, feelings of superiority, projection of shadow sides (projecting our own feelings and fears onto others), drills, attention-seeking behavior and showing off, exhibitionism, self-defeat, unnecessary drama

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: " a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange, displays and expressions of self)

Welcome to a phenomenal day for opportunities, wise owls!  This is the mindset to approach today's powerhouse of intense energies, courtesy Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto.  These planets are delivering opportunities for profound change and transformation in our lives and in the world.

Phenomenal, profound power is a good descriptor for what is available today.  Here are the places where this phenomenal, profound power find focus to deliver change and transformation today:

RELATIONSHIPS:  The primary dynamic of today's massive astrological aspect takes relationships (professional, personal, romantic, familial, etc.) to an altogether different level.  This may be a higher level, or if there is not enough resonance (like-mindedness) in the relationship, it may end.

We can rest assured that the change is for the best because Uranus is involved, and Uranus puts things right when we have not been able to do so for ourselves.  It puts us where we need to be.  Uranus saves us by our rejections, so if you experience this today, know that the change is in the best interests of all involved.  Uranus' changes are often delivered swiftly and shockingly.  This only means that dramatic conditions had to be enacted to make the change. 

The relationship we have with ourselves is just as much under transformation as our relationship with others (maybe more).  Inner peace, inner power, and inner connection were the goals of this past year's energy with the Sabian symbol for the lunar year being "the ruler of a nation."  Mars reaches this degree today, prompting us to answer our inner call and do the things we need to do for our soul.  What calls you back toward balance today?

Be aware that strong Uranus aspects bring higher potential for accidents.  Maintain your awareness in the present moment while driving and take care to double check that electrical devices are turned off and flames are extinguished.

MARKETS:  Markets of all types (stock, currency, commodity, malls, etc.) are highlighted all month long with the Sabian symbol of the lunar month being "a crowded public marketplace," but today puts these in special focus, especially the ones related to money.  There is a signature of being "outfoxed" and "outfoxing."  False senses of security can be snatched away, showing where more personal responsibility needs to be accepted.

(Today's headline in the US is that major retailer Target will lay off thousands of people.  This comes as sweeping layoffs are quietly happening within the government and defense contractor sectors - the last stand of the new world order's structure.  This is a long discussion, but the fact that the globalists are ready to let their final sectors fall shows me that they are ready to take the final hit at the economy.  The second quarter of the fiscal year is going to be interesting.)

REVELATIONS:  Today brings insights, understandings, or recognitions that are life-changing.  Truly.  To come to this, the questions that may come up are What good is it? and What use is it? 

Venus and Uranus are making conjunction today at the degree of the Sabian symbol of "an Indian weaving a basket."  This is the weaving of the story of our lives.  Our past and our present is represented.  Elements of the past (people, places, and things) may return today for review and possible reintegration.

One signature in the myriad energetic signatures today is Spirit's signature.  Spirit desires to reveal itself in our lives.  It wants to write (weave) the story of our lives with us.  While remaining centered in the midst of massive energies today, pay close attention to the natural world, symbols, and synchronicities.  If you see a fox, pay extra special attention, and take care to not give away your power to someone who might be tricking you.

CHAINS OF EVENTS:  Today's energy has strong potential for something to set off a series of effects or consequences.  People can easily get caught up with something that is out of control (gossip, accusations, etc.)  Potential for a global chain of events is higher today.  Be mindful of what you are helping to keep in motion.  Is there something from which you need to withdraw?

We stay out of the swirl with a blanket of security today, aware that the energy may look one way, but is actually presenting phenomenal, profound, and powerful transformation.  Like the butterfly, we trust the process.