Saturday, March 7 - Sunday, March 8, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, revelation

Moon in Libra

Wisdom Goddess: Saturday: Tara (Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles)  Sunday: Bhairavi (The World Nurse)

Skill: moderation

Positive Imprint: nurturing, desire for deeper understanding or more knowledge, zeal, assisting someone in need, mystical studies, transcending chaos or worries, being in one place or mindsspace and then going to another

Catalysts for Change: manipulating emotions, too much information or information-seeking, self-indulgence, corrupting things, overconfident, delusion, comparisons to others, overzealous

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange, expressions of self)

The Sun makes conjunction with Chiron on Saturday at the degree of the Sabian symbol "in a huge tent a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance."  This energy tends to take people, places, and things to extremes.  But the higher level of this energy wants bring something inside of us back to life.

The Sun making conjunction with Chiron empowers the themes Chiron "rules."  Chiron is the wounded healer, as is often said.  Wounding is experienced in order to activate knowledge of how to heal.  Old traumas can be triggered.

But what is not often said of Chiron is that it the energy of the teacher - excellent teachers - and bridging/bridges.  The best teachers are able to bridge us from something that we do not understand at all to understanding it.  We then can apply this new knowledge in the context of other things we have learned and we innovate it (do something new with it or take it to another level).  This is the way Chiron's energy works.

The Sabian symbol of the Sun and Chiron's conjunction, the "revivalist" energy of stirring things up and/or reviving something, is paired with wounding, healing, and teaching.  It's tricky because the wound-energy of Chiron easily wanders into the land of victim.

It should be noted that all of this, of course, is reflected in the world around us in the geopolitical theatre.  Wounds and division are being reinforced in order to manipulate minds.  This is the lowest octave of the energy, perfectly timed to the energetics of the planets, but doomed to fail because it is not based in truth, and truth is overtaking lies.

It's best to focus on or understand this weekend's events in our lives from the teacher-energy perspective of Chiron, with an added element of the events trying to revive or bring something meaningful back to life.

Engaging the imagination and opening the heart will help this revival.  Compassion and wisdom will go a long way, as well.