Friday, April 4, 2015

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic

Moon in Libra

Wisdom Goddess: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

Skill: believe

Positive Imprints: going back to details or something that was dismissed, stories, self-expression, security, things becoming stronger, shifting focus or intention to something else in order to include it, flexibility, the fantastical

Catalysts for Change: emotionally overwhelmed, division, set-backs (because they are temporary), knee-jerk reactions, automatons, dumping feelings or responsibilities onto others, trying to do it all, excuses, routines that are soul-sucking, dismissing something without giving it a chance


The eve of the Full Moon continues the "sweeping" energy to blow out the old and blow in the new.  Today's focus for the sweep is our emotional body.  It may be an emotional "blow out."

Issues with this only arise if we are resisting change or misunderstanding the event as an indicator that we are in chaos.  The emotional cleansing scatters our emotional energies to the four corners, but we ourselves are not uncontained.  Things are being swept clean, not shattered.  Pieces are being removed so that visions of greatness are revealed.

The Full Moon excites or perturbs the energy of the field of consciousness.  There is always a natural rise in emotionality.  We are often stirred to a fever pitch.  Full Moon Fever is already underway with this much-hyped "Blood Moon."  There is a plethora of analyses, most of which is rather doom-based.  The only thing doomed is the "unnatural world order," my favorite term for the cabal.

Why would messages about doom be fertilized within mass consciousness while messages about a new beginning face interference? 

Because power lies in belief.

The clean sweep of the field is coming from divine sources, but our beliefs, as a collective, will be what "tunes" the new cycle that begins April 18.  The universe will re-set the energetics to neutral, eradicating the powerful patterns of old systems (the past).

Wise owls have been "loading in" hopes, wishes, dreams, and ideals of greatness for the past six weeks to tune the field accordingly.  We have two more weeks of projecting these visions into the future.  This is humanity's contribution of raw material for the future cycle of time, the raw material to which the universe will respond.  It's called conscious co-creation.  It was always a part of our destiny, and the time is now.

So now is not the time to succumb to emotions and fall prey to tricks that the end is near or that chaos and strife are set to reign.  We look deeper, understanding that right along side the deconstruction of the past is the reconstruction of the present and future. 

Chaos and strife are not set to reign; they are set to unchain. Chaos and strife release the shackles of tyranny over the mind.  Chaos and strife is happening to the unnatural world order and the Archons, not humanity.  Humanity is set for a return to balance.  Don't be fooled otherwise.  We are well-prepared to hold the line for the field re-set and the aftermath.

If your emotions or situations in your life start blowing to the four corners, the four corners can handle it.  I mentioned the Band of Brothers, the Knights of Sophia, in this month's audio recording.  These four divine beings are the four corners - the four directions.  Let go of whatever is sweeping out and they will transform it.

The Sun moves to the degree of "an Indian weaving a blanket" today, but what are you weaving in to the blanket of consciousness?  Love or fear?  Stay the course and remember that as things fall away, greatness is revealed.  The point of power lies in belief.

(One other thing:  Usually the energetics favor us finding wisdom from the inside world, but today things cross our paths to bring wisdom from the outside world.  Be on the lookout!)