Monday, April 6, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, revelation

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest and Best Interests), Matangi (Goddess Who Purges What is Not in Our Highest and Best Interests), Dhumavati (Goddess Who Sorts)

Skill: recognize patterns

Positive Imprints:  FINDING THINGS, rediscovery, balance, seeing how to not lose yourself, expanding sense of identity, opening up space, cooperation, seeing beyond illusion, reflection, perseverance, inter-relating, divine intervention

Catalysts for Change: feeling like giving up on something, anger, shocks, fiery outbursts, obsession with loss, refusing to relate, issues with aging, over-emphasis on appearance, isolation, uncompromising

Where to begin?

Let's start with recapping the Full Moon/Eclipse.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of Saturday's Full Moon (15 Libra) is "circular paths."   The energy brings back the past, repeating patterns of the past, and feelings about the past.  This is the energetic that is still in effect, since we are still in the Full Moon phase.

But, in a monumental way, the past is being swept away.  The "circular paths" of the past are being eclipsed - cut off, taken away.  Two reasons for this are the Full Moon's eclipse and the   fact that this entire lunar month is a close-out of a grand cycle of time (discussed in the audio overview that is posted).

Today, as we continue our journey of releasing the patterns of the past, we have the help of the Sun meeting up with Uranus (a conjunction). This only happens one day each year.  Surprising things often happen on this day, but they always serve to make things better (even though it is not usually apparent at the time).  The Sun and Uranus set things right; they put us into alignment with our true course.  (The energy also leans toward accident-proneness.  Be patient when driving; give wide berth.)

The Moon has already made an opposition to Mars today, inciting a bit of anger into the dynamic, but also an added element of letting go of the past with Mars' location at the degree of the Sabian symbol "a widow at an open grave."  This energy often brings the culmination of a realization that has been slowly emerging, especially realizations related to losses and relationships.  We can let go of any blocks (or hardened armor) that we think keeps us protected.  We can fill in the grave and turn away.

When we do, opportunities, open doors, new paths, and unseen possibilities follow, and this is certainly the case today.

As the field of consciousness continues to be swept clean of the past, things come into disequilibrium.  A shift is in process and we are adjusting to another rhythm.  We are re-tuning.  It can produce feelings of anxiety and fear.  But what is happening is growth, and growth is nothing to fear.

Today, divine assistance is at hand to help us release and adjust.  Pay close attention to patterns (things that repeat).  Wisdom is afoot.  As always, we find our stability nestled within the consciousness of the planet, and we connect with it through immersion in the beauty of nature.

(Note:  A coronal mass ejection from what describes as "a canyon of fire stretching halfway across the Sun" erupted Saturday, the day of the Full Moon/Eclipse, April 4, at 6:30 pm ET/10:30 pm UT.  The energetic of the Sabian symbol "a rabbi performing his duties" was engaged.  I see this as further evidence that it's sunset for the new world order, as I have mentioned over the past couple of months.  The eclipsing of circular paths (rituals, repeating patterns) is in play with the Full Moon phase.  As I have also mentioned, the new world order has used the degree of "a rabbi performing his duties" to ritualistically imprint darkness into the field of human experience.  I believe the power of all of that is being eclipsed.  It's cause for celebration!)