Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Full Moon Phase: realizations, illumination

Moon in Sagittarius

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind) with the other nine Mahavidyas

God of Will: Ian (God of The East) with the other four Knights of Gaia Sophia

Skill:  stay grounded and rooted like a strong tree

True Alignment: inner beauty showing on the outside, accepting personal responsibility, protection and assistance, recognizing something that was overlooked, expressions of self, choices that align with love, seeing in the dark, access, faith

Catalysts for Change: not trusting, over-thinking, break ups, insincerity, exaggerations that one knows it all, living life only to satisfy others, disappointment (more will revealed, so don't give up), second chances, not getting to the heart of the matter, risky behavior

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month/Year: "the music of the spheres"

Something rather amazing is happening today.  Spiritual forces are uniting to pummel and blow out old power and control systems and old habits and beliefs that have held us back.  These have no place with us anymore.

But, we might want to metaphorically batten down the hatches, because this energetic dynamic today will sweep through the collective beginning around noon ET today/4:00 pm UT and continuing throughout the night.  The purpose of this is to take the fear levels down and provide some relief.  It should also help those who have been having nightmares.  Astrologically/energetically "Thor's Hammer" or "The Fist of God" drops once again.  The field of the collective consciousness reverberates.

When energetics like this are in place, it is helpful to consciously "ground" our consciousness with the Earth.  This is achieved by making an inner and outer connection with nature.  It is a good idea to spend some time outdoors today, no matter the weather.  We are like trees, deeply rooted with the earth with our minds with the heavens.  Emotional and mental equilibrium is our goal.

Within the dynamic, ideas for new approaches and the ability to see future trends is present.  As the dust settles, openings and opportunities are revealed.  This is especially true of people, places, and things that have not been noticed or recognized before.  A new appreciation emerges.

Everything today centers around belief: what we believe is possible, what we believe brings happiness, what we believe will happen, what we believe we are capable of, what we believe is true.  Choices are in place to tap directly into our beliefs.  Let's maintain a taproot with the wellspring of wisdom.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Note: A C8-class flare with coronal mass ejection was released a couple of hours before the Full Moon last Sunday.  The CME occurred at 8:52 pm ET/Monday 00:52 am UT.  The energetic of 12 degrees of Scorpio and the Sabian symbol of "an official embassy ball" activated themes of political games for the Full Moon phase.

Also, Andrew has developed a Survey Monkey questionnaire related to the upcoming "Parliament of Wise Owls" recording.  Here is the link if you have time to respond: