Friday, July 24, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Scorpio

Goddess of Wisdom: Dhumavati (Goddess Who Closes and Completes), Kali (The Destroyer), Tara (Goddess Who Guides), Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest and Best Interests)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of The East)

Skill: amplify love

Catalysts for Change: asserting aggression, mood swings (feel emotions and let them flow away then return to your center; repeat as necessary), sudden loss of control, accidents (focus attention on task at hand - stay present), not expecting the unexpected, insecurities or concerns with appearance, inside jobs, being put to the test, rampages, disguising, feeling bereft, superficial exterior changes, things spreading rapidly, pent up emotions bursting out, separation and isolation

True Alignments: liberation after a sudden event or insight, awe, longevity, sharing new ideas, taking action with something new, radiating inner warmth, coming to life, visible evidence of true essence, independence, calm during a storm, expecting the unexpected, strongly grounded with the planet, ability to respond

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a woman and two men castaways on a small island in the South Seas"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Mars moves into geometric alignment (via a square or 90 degrees of separation) with Uranus today.  Mars moved to the 21st degree of Cancer at 9:19 am ET/ 1:19 pm UT, beginning the exact square to Uranus.  If you have been following the Oracle Report this week, you know that Uranus is located at 21 Aries, which is the Eris Point or the location in the sky where the planet Eris (the planet beyond Pluto) was when it was discovered.  In essence, 21 Aries encapsulates the full force of the archetypal energy of Eris, the Goddess of Rebirth, the Goddess of the Battlefield, the Goddess who is unified of her dark and light.  So when we are looking at the energetics of the Mars-Uranus square today, we are also looking at the energetics of Eris.

Mars rules war.  Uranus rules revolution and freedom.  Eris rules rebellion and rebirth.

On another level, Mars rules the ability to take powerful, decisive action.  Uranus rules alignment with the path to freedom.  Eris rules the process of releasing the past so that the new can enter.  Combined, these are the components of renaissance.

A key element to today's energy is an affront to our sense of worthiness.  Strong negative thoughts about ourselves (or are projected onto others) that play like a loop try to latch on and pummel us.  It is an attempt to weaken our minds.  Weakened minds are ripe for insertion of false realities through the manipulation of FEAR.

So we as wise owls move out of that today.  If fear surfaces, see it for what it is and let it pass through you.  Feel it.  It may make you cry.  But it is not you.  Those thoughts are untrue.  They are a trick of shadow beings that want us to be sad and dissatisfied.  Meanwhile, life passes by and an opportunity to expand our understanding is missed.  We become so mind-focused that the beauty of life, which surrounds us at all times, goes unnoticed and untouched.

Today, we are aware of the potential for dramatic events in the world.  But we are not focused on it.  We are not "waiting" for it.  We will respond if necessary, but until then we do what we do: stay grounded, keep it real, and find beauty.  Amplify as needed.