Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Pisces/Aries (12:39 pm ET/4:39 pm UT)

Goddess of Wisdom:  Bagalamukhi  (Goddess Who Solves)

God of Wisdom: Ian (God of The East)

Skill:  take a leap of faith

True Alignments:  things dawning on us, enormous beauty taking form, pronouncing, attraction, drawn to depths, answers, joy for life, returning vitality, enhanced connection with physical body, the Mysteries, expressions of the heart, care

Catalysts for Change:  stealing gifts, jealousy, disconnection with the physical body, unimaginative, putting pressure on oneself, sacrifice for nothing, feeling restricted, frustration, things that are incomprehensible because they do not make sense (cognitive dissonance), perfectionism, lack of discipline

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "winter frost in the woods"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

A bit of a puzzle emerges today, as the Sun moves to the degree of the Sabian symbol "a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of a very ancient book."

I love this symbol because I love mandalas and have seen the power of them in action.  When new things enter the field and start to form, the shape of things changes.  The labyrinth of reality rearranges. 

We naturally step back and take a look, but always, after consulting our inner wisdom, we realize that the only option is to enter the labyrinth.  Immersion in the experience is how we gain the satisfaction or wholeness or sense of completion -- whatever gift the puzzle offers.

So today, it may be quite necessary to take a leap of faith with something, especially with trying to understand something.  We should not forget that the "help of a very ancient book" implies that direct assistance and guidance for a great expansion in consciousness is present.

Much of today's energy involves integrating what is already known or available into a new form.  Many, many new forms are emerging, though they may be rough around the edges right now.  New ways of doing things and new ways of re-doing things are coming forth as the wave of the Second Renaissance continues to build and burst through.

The Mahavidya Bagalamukhi excels at solving things.  Her energy can take us for panoramic views of situations so that we can study and understand them better.  We can take a leap of faith with her and engage the mandala of life in a deeper way.  What will happen to the mandala of reality when we do?