Friday, September 11, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon In Leo/Virgo (9:56 am ET/1:56 pm UT)

Goddess of Wisdom: Bhairavi (Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of the South)

Skill: be vigilant; respond; do not wait around

True Alignments: renewal, putting things in place, relocating, companionship, taking the road less traveled, resolution, clearing, awards and rewards, giving and receiving, comfort, sustainability, reverence, evolving perceptions, the massive power of belief

Catalysts for Change: feeling lost, enmeshed in fine details and unable to see the bigger picture, self-minimizing, jealousy, stuck in fear, restlessness, forsaking, crushing one's dreams, not able to deliver, shock, taking the road most traveled, far off course, miscommunication, emotional storms

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The most important thing today is to be prepared to respond.  Do not wait around if something crosses your path.  

Several things are in play today, so let's take them one at a time:

CIRCULAR PATHS:  Mercury moves to the Sabian symbol of "circular paths," and with it comes situations that feel like repeats.  It can be hard to see options or new ways or ways out.  It's easy to fall into hopelessness and powerlessness because we tend to think that progress or change is not happening when this energy is in effect.  This symbol, however, implies that things are not the same as they were "last time around."  Humanity has awakened and gained wisdom since the last time.  The cycle has changed.  This alone provides help with the hopelessness, but we have even more help with this because...

THE SUN IS DISSEMINATING THE ENERGY OF "A CARAVAN OF CARS HEADED FOR PROMISED LANDS" We are headed into new territory, pioneering the Second Renaissance, and we are headed there to together!  This symbol is the opposite of "circular paths."  Instead of going in circles, we are going in a straight line.  It is good to venture into anything new that presents itself today in order to check it out.  We want to be cautious that we aren't being rooked, so watch what the other hand is doing and watch for attempts to divert you from your own path.  

9:24 pm ET/1:24 am UT: Venus will finally, after 10 days, move to a new degree, the degree of "brilliant sunshine just after the storm."  This energy discusses how perhaps some of the storms in our lives are truly over and how things that have blocked, clogged, and bogged us are retreating.  It's wonderful energy to resolve things or clear things up.  This is the image we should hold today: brilliant sunlight.  Renewal is at hand.

11:45 pm ET/3:45 am UT: The Moon will conjunct Jupiter at the degree of "a harem."  This energetic is widely in effect (because it is Jupiter) so there is a tendency to wait around to be chosen.  This is exactly the mindset we do NOT need today.  We need to be responsive, not submissive.  We do not need to wait around for something or someone that we feel has authority.  We think for ourselves.

2:43 am ET/6:43 am UT: The Sun will oppose Chiron tomorrow.  This dynamic first brings wounding, then it brings healing, then we gain wisdom from it.  The Sun will still be discharging "a caravan of cars headed for promised lands," and Chiron is discharging "a table set for an evening meal."  The best laid plans may go awry.  This is ok because there is something more that is to develop. Or, even better, it may lead to new plans and new opportunities.  We want to engage the power of the pioneer and follow where this month's carrier pigeon leads us.  Divine messages and guidance continue all the way to the New Moon on Sunday.  What prizes, rewards, or treasures still await?

Wise owls prepare to take their place in line (the caravan) to spread their wings over the world this weekend.  The "Love Prevails" meditation from July 17 (which I now like to call the "Wings Around the World" meditation) will be Sunday, September 13, the day of the Virgo New Moon.  If you are inclined, you can perform the meditation anytime this Sunday (September 13) after 2:41 am ET/6:41 am UT.  I will prepare everything in advance of the exact time of the New Moon.  No dogma here; adapt this to your preference:



A group meditation that occurs at individual times is the mission.  If you are inclined, sometime today, perhaps in the time you would have ordinarily read today's report, please join me in a gathering of minds.  Picture:

  • Your shield of divine protection
  • Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
  • Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
  • From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
  • Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere
  • Repeat what you know in your heart: "Love prevails."

Please modify this according to your own practice and style.  I have already prepared the space for the "ring of wings around the world."  Let's keep our minds focused on the bigger picture today.

"I told you that we could fly.  Because we all have wings.  But some of us don't know why." --INXS, Never Tear Us Apart