Thursday, January 7, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: dream, release

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Tara, Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles; Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Elias, God of the West, God of Transformation

Skill: nourish and comfort yourself and others

True Alignments: sharing, speaking truth, taking care of the essentials, devotion to a higher cause, building something with a team of others, guardianship, forward momentum, finding something you have been seeking, in tandem, rebuilding, focus, enlightenment

Catalysts for Change: implantation of false reality, emotional overwhelm, loss (which is most likely temporary), rationalizing behavior, disappointment, pointlessness and diversions, attempts to overpower, shows of strength that are baseless, fussy, service to self, bullying, trying to gain unfair advantage

Saian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "in winter, people cutting ice from a frozen pond for use in summer" (preparing, seeing ahead)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres" (recalibration and retuning of human consciousness)

As the Balsamic Moon wanes toward the New Moon, the journey to "cut through the frozen ice of consciousness is coming to a close."  We begin to look ahead, to warmer times, when all of the efforts will be worth it.  Rigorous work now ensures "ice cream" later.

Today, the following themes are strongly in effect:

1- ANTI-IMPERIALISM: The Sun is located at the symbol of imperialism and domination, "the Union Jack flies from a new British warship."  War and other types of warfare (like psychological warfare, mind control, and lording) against others is old paradigm.  These structures no longer hold water since the Aries New Moon on April 18, 2015, the time fated to be when humanity began to stand up for itself, responding to the recalibrated "music of the spheres" or the beginning of Second Renaissance.  Dominating others and forcing an agenda is no longer supported.  Under the new paradigm, we come into our own control, mastering anything that tries to lessen or dominate us.  Nothing holds power over us any longer.  We are just in the process of coming out of the trauma shock of what has happened to us.

2- SUSTENANCE: The Earth is located at the degree of "a hen scratching for her chicks."  The Mother provides for all needs, reliably, so that her family - the human species - progresses.  She provides the physical nourishment we require and also the spiritual comfort.  She nurtures us, and we grow into being able to do the same for ourselves and others.  How can we better nourish and comfort ourselves or another today?

3- UNITY:  A complex, seemingly-counterintuitive theme involving winnowing out or separating in order to come back together is discharged today via Venus at the degree of "the lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple," Mars at "neighbors help in a house-raising party in a small village," and the Black Moon moving to the 16th degree of Libra and "after a storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction."

The community of like minds is actually unifying and connecting through that which has been shadowed and deconstructed. From a higher level of spirit, the "winnowing" or dividing is not to conquer.  That is the archontic way.  The purpose is to unify by flushing out with a tidal wave (Shodashi's Wave for veteran readers of Oracle Report) all forms of hierarchy and power and control systems.  What used to be set on solid foundations not in alignment with the value of life, respect for others, and freedom from tyranny of the mind, are now crumbling under the weight of their own foundations.

Reconstruction (renaissance) of the human spirit is rising from The Foundation - Gaia Sophia.  So, even though things appear to be falling apart, dividing, and tearing, they are actually simultaneously coming back together (reforming) in a new way (which is actually the ancient way - the way of the unified sacred feminine and masculine.

We are a traumatized species, yes, with a full range of trauma responses showing out now at the last quarter of this solar-lunar year that is meant to re-tune us or re-calibrate us to the higher order of nature.  We are wise to what is happening.  We bear witness.  We unify when we are tempted to fall back into the old ways because we think they are safer.

In the midst of chaos, we turn away from the ways of the past where we were told what to do, what to think, and who would deliver us.  We stand on our own and we stand together - as humans - in the face of that which seeks to control us. 

It has been a "long winter of the soul," but summertime cometh.