Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gibbous Moon Phase:  trust; believe

Moon in Pisces

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  bring something inside to life or back to life

True Alignments:  renewal, assertive, the power to influence events, self defense, resonance, allowances, comfort and comforting, the elemental kingdom, justice, determination, values, true love, awakening, land/sea/air

Catalysts for Change:  taking foolish risks, sensory overload, superficial, jealousy, avoidance, attacking, judgmental, racism, restricting self or others, limitations, domestic violence, fear of the unknown, sensitivity to imminent danger causing immobilization, mass mind control

There are two words that repeat within the energetics of the Sabian symbols in today's astrology:  "crowds" and "foolish" (as in foolish risks).

Today, the magic carpet ride of this astrological year lifts the awakening collective consciousness of humanity to see foolish and impending danger so that it can be avoided or minimized.

A wave of unity is inflowing.

Is there a response from the cabal to distort it, attempting mass consensus for the need for war?

Are certain (Jesuit) Illuminati minions providing a misdirect, to play both sides?

The Sun will complete the discharge of the energetic of 20 Libra, "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties" around 6:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT.  This frequency of energy has been in effect since 6:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT yesterday.  Under this energetic, the Pope called for an "immediate ceasefire" in Syria.  Action by religious leaders is undertaken by the Illuminati regardless of whether the Sabian symbol is "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties" or "the Pope blessing the faithful."  They are similar energetics, used as needed.

We might speculate that the reason for the ramp up for war is the cabal's response to this (another) incoming wave of unity consciousness to lift humanity out of the Dark Ages of the Archons.

At 6:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT, the Sun will begin to discharge 21 Libra: "a crowd upon a beach."  In kind, the Earth will begin to discharge 21 Aries: "a boxer entering the ring."  21 Aries is the Eris Point, the degree in the sky where the Planet of Rebirth, Eris, was located when it was "discovered" ("chosen" by NASA).  Eris the planet beyond Pluto (and is the subject of my first book, available for free download on the Books tab at

In the Greek pantheon, Eris is the Goddess of the Battlefield and the Goddess of Chaos and Strife.  Little wonder why the Archons chose to reveal and name (archetypally and energetically define) when the planet was located at (discharging the electromagnetic frequency of) 21 Aries, "a boxer entering the ring."  They planned to knock us out.

With this today, Venus is discharging "a crowd coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man."  Mercury is discharging "a canoe approaching dangerous waters."

I suggest that Gaia Sophia, in collaboration with the Sun (Sabaoth) and the aeon Thelete, ("three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery") are infusing humanity with a spiritual wave to unite humanity to listen to the words of peace.

This comes today at a peak of "spiritual" elements with the combination of the onset of the Gibbous Moon phase (the most "magical" time of the lunar cycle and a time when the veils between the worlds are thinner) and the Moon in Pisces, which is intimately connected to Spirit.

All of this is dramatic and on display, as Mars begins to discharge "pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate."  Things colorfully "show out" and "fan out."  Pride cometh before the fall.

Falls of "goddesses" in particular, are the favored pastimes for the Archons.  They like to build people up and then tear them down, delighting in both because the rise makes for a delicious fall.  THIS is the reason the Eris Point energetic of "a boxer entering a ring" is so alluring to the Illuminati.  It's a delicacy for energetic vampires.

Today may be unsettling and super-charged with anger and control issues.  Eris energy tends to lob volleys of things (especially words).  Mars and Pluto are moving into range of conjunction, and this is bringing things up from the depths, up from the underworld, and up from the recesses of experience.  Anger levels are running very, very high with these dynamics.  We give wide berth.

So there is much happening behind the scenes (and at higher levels) today, which contributes to a general uneasiness.  The two days per year (one in April and one in October) that the Sun and Earth activate the Eris Point are often strife and chaos filled when the negative polarity is being pushed. 

The higher octave of the Eris Point energetic brings justice, rebirth and restoration, Oneness, and liberty from the tyranny of the mind, body, and soul.  We focus on the true nature of this archetypal energy: trailblazing into the field of consciousness to bring enlightenment.

We are wise to keep in mind the esoteric element of REBIRTH that is predominant today, understanding that a HIGHER ORDER is emerging from the final years of chaos. 

All roads lead to Liberty.