Monday, october 17, 2016

Full Moon Phase: clarity, revelations

Moon in Taurus

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill:  maintain connection with light and lightheartedness

True Alignments:  unveiling or exposing, focused, self-acceptance, healthy outlets for strong emotions, cooperation, alternatives, trustworthy, longevity, permanent records, new beginning, seeing the abundance that is present, strength, stability, security, expressing (releasing) feelings of grief and loss

Catalysts for Change:  taking advantage or gaining unfair advantage, the past coming to light, sabotage and self sabotage, crazy and crazy-making, confusion, illusions revealed, not moving on, uncontained emotions, angry outbursts, road rage, unfocused, unbounded desire for power and control, sensory overload, trust issues, "in-filling" a void with material things, immature, not taking things seriously, stuck in grief or loss, false flag potential

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery" (light reflected on life; expansion of perceptions; linking mind, body, and spirit; vision and visionary)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending difficulties; transcending the unraveling control paradigm; fantastical experiences)

All things are lining up for a day that is likely to be a day for the record books. 

Today's energetics are bridging the energetics (events/emotions/conditions) of the Full Moon phase with the energetics of Wednesday's Mars-Pluto conjunction.  Full Moon Fever is coming to a fever pitch.

The Sabian symbols that are in effect today, paint, like the Masters, a very vivid picture.  In fact, Jupiter, Home of "The Masters," has moved to 09 Libra, the degree of this Libra lunar cycle, "three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery."  This is a big deal.  This energetic is all about bringing things to light, and certainly there is no doubt this is happening.  Today, this is amplified by the massiveness of Jupiter.

And, today we have nothing less than:

1- THE ACTIVATION OF WILL - The Sun begins to discharge "an eagle and a large white dove turning into each other," which is about integrating the force of the mind and heart or alternating between the two.  This energetic wants to bring peace and strength; it is closely related to liberty.  The heart and mind's desires unite for will.  So, we could say there is a strong "push" within the energetics.  There is impetus for action.  You may feel this build as the day unfolds.

2- EXPONENTIAL AMPLIFICATION and ENHANCEMENT - The Earth will discharge "a man possessed of more gifts that he can hold."  This energetic is akin to "sensory overload."  These stellar energetics hyper stimulate the brain (brains that are already on overload from the Full Moon of the Full Moon time of year and all of the energetics that happened last week).  To moderate or temper the effect, it may be a good idea to take frequent breaks.

This energetic also stimulates or resuscitates unused or latent abilities or talents.  You may find yourself drawn to a former interest or skill.

3 - TRICKS OR TREATS? - The "Halloween dynamic" is activated today as Venus discharges the last degree of Scorpio: "children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks."  Ritualism is a strong part of this energetic, as is deception and false flag potential (tricks).  Sometimes things can seem elusive or intangible or hard to understand when this degree is in effect.  This degree of the zodiac can also bring out "the crazy."  The highest octave of the energy is playful, creative, lighthearted, yet mature, energetic (a treat).

4 - THEFT - Today Mercury discharges, with rapid-fire, the energetics of 18 Libra, "two men placed under arrest," and 19 Libra, "a gang of robbers in hiding."  We are likely to see and hear about misdoings of all kinds, but especially theft.  This can be the "theft" of anything, not just money. We can be robbed of many things in life.  These things would naturally be on our minds today and expanded to a great degree with the "exponential amplification" in effect with Jupiter. 

We can choose: self-sabotage or self-acceptance?

Note that with the Mars-Pluto conjunction in progress, anger and its opposite, depression (anger turned inward) are heightened.  The "depths" are being plunged, as this conjunction happens with these two underworld rulers in the earth sign of Capricorn.  Earthquake potential is heighted also.  Exact conjunction is Wednesday, October 19 at 7:05 am ET/11:09 am UT.

5 - SATURN DREDGES UP THE PAST - At 3:40 pm ET/7:40 pm UT, Saturn moves to 13 Sagittarius: "a widow's past is brought to light."  The past catches up with us.  If a tangled web has been woven, all of the threads glisten to reveal a bigger picture.  Saturn lashes us with its energetics regardless of the degree it is discharging, and this degree can be A LOT to handle regardless of the planet that is discharging it, but the two together...whoa!

6- And, as if all of this was not enough to make the day historic in what is "brought to light," THE MOON OPPOSES THE BLACK MOON at 1:18 pm ET/5:18 pm.  Two of the Lightbringers, the Moon and the Black Moon are resonating.  The Moon is in Taurus (opposing the Black Moon in Scorpio), making this a "Black Moon Day," a day when everyone's shadow side tends to come out (like "children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks").  We PROJECT our own feelings onto others when the Moon and Black Moon interact in this way.

Additionally, when the Moon opposes the Black Moon it will be discharging the energetic of "a symbolic battle between swords and torches."  This was the degree of the Taurus lunar cycle, May 6 - June 3, 2016.  Things or themes that were happening then may repeat today with this energetic being repeated (re-imprinted)

If you are angry, take a deeper look.  You may find the source trapped in the mirror.

And, though I have not stated it clearly and thoroughly, when we have a "Black Moon Day" we are all collaborating to return a certain part (or percentage) of Gaia Sophia's own shadow side (the Archons) to her for integration. 

Right now, those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Taurus or Scorpio are focused on returning ("processing") the shadow side in heavy measure.  We all take turns and we all take on different amounts. 

If you have the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Taurus or Scorpio, remember today that the rebirthing process you are undergoing is only personal to a certain degree.  De-personalize it as much as possible by remembering what it is you are actually doing at a higher level of consciousness: bringing darkness to light.  It is a great act of love to be undergoing this transit now, as Mars and Pluto are making conjunction.  Know that your "shift" ends on February 14, 2017, and that every day will not feel like today.

To recap, in combination, these energetics are further unraveling the "magic carpet" that the new world order and the Archons have been riding for some time. 

Can you believe the energetics in play today?  More things are going to come to light or to leak, and this is happening as WikiLeaks' "internal link intentionally is severed by a state party." (-WikiLeaks).  THAT's how much the cabal does not want this information coming out.  THAT's how powerful these energetics are.  We will witness that there is no stopping the flow of freedom, and certainly no stopping the flow of Divine Will that is rising up from the grassroots of human consciousness.

Mars tells it all as it discharges "an ancient bas relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long forgotten culture."  Witness the Return.