August 28, 2017

Balsamic Moon Phase: release; dream

Moon in Virgo

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  think twice before reacting or speaking (especially out of anger); focus on renaissance and restoration.

True Alignments:  perseverance, seeing through illusions, being "in body" or "in the present moment," ability to not react, logical, group efforts, loyalty, justice, truth, liberty, standing up, devoted, new endeavors, communicating one's voice or what one has to say, bringing darkness to light

Catalysts for Change:  wasting time living in the past, rejecting intuition, feeling defeated (Bruce Lee said "Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality."), disconnection, stubborn, arrogant, lack of growth, limiting thoughts and beliefs, road rage, self-sabotage, substance abuse

If early evidence of today's astrological aspects are any indication, something that triggers a good deal of anger may cross your path (hear, see, feel, experience).  This comes from Mars squaring the Eris Point today; we remember that Mars and Eris are brother and sister, Twins of the Battlefield.

The Bedouins are often credited with the notion of not going to war before the Sun rises again, meaning don't react until you've slept on it.  Things look different in the light of a new day because the Sun changes energetics every day.  We don't want to start something before thorough consideration (of the consequences).

We naturally look back or look to see if we are getting the true picture or the full picture of things with Jupiter moving to "a professor peering over his glasses at his students."  We are checking to see if we understand.  Our intuition guides us to research, investigate, follow up, and double check certain things.

As Mars squares the Eris Point today, we want to slow things down.  Mars and Eris are impulsive energetics.  They naturally react and speak before thinking, which can cause "fall out."  Mars is discharging the energetic of "a relay race," adding to the speed or the feeling of having to race.  The key here is the word "relay."  It means different parts or things or messages or people or anything that is linked together for a common purpose.  Different pieces need to come together before we can be certain or before we can complete.

The linking of heaven and earth comes with the energetic of the Chiron Point, which remains in effect, and strongly so today with the Earth discharging the degree of the Chiron Point, "a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."   Amplifying this is the Moon opposing Chiron itself today at 4:32 pm ET/8:32 pm UT.  Emotional pain is pressed upon so that it can be released and healed.

Along with this, issues of grief and loss may be reinforced as the Earth moves to the next degree, "a widow at an open grave," around 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT.  This energetic can make us feel like we want to give up.  Was there truly a loss?  Was it also a catalyst for change?  Is it part of a larger transformation?

Filling a void or covering a hole is part of this dynamic, and leads to unconscious patterns of "in-filling" -- seeking comfort through the outer/material world.  We consume more (of anything - food, substances, alcohol, items, television, etc.) to ease the discomfort of an unmet or perceived need or generalized fear for our safety and security.  This is more common when the Black Moon is in Taurus or Scorpio (as it is now), and the effects are doubled when the Sun is also in Taurus or Scorpio (as it is now).

The Sun will discharge "a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea," which often brings feelings of overwhelm or relentlessness.  We can feel "under assault," having to withstand conflicting value systems.  This energetic also brings a natural aversion to "the establishment."  The symbol implies the solidity and mass of that which is grounded in integrity remains strong even when under bombardment.

Integrity and its companion, Honor, are integral parts of today's energetics, as the Moon will discharge 22 Virgo, "a royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones" when it opposes Chiron today.

Chiron is located at "a prophet bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai." Look at all that has been "brought down" and "brought on" since Chiron began discharging this degree on October 5.  The trend continues today with all of the Chiron factors.

If I had an Illuminati ritual warning signal, I would activate it, as nefarious intentions and actions always precede Halloween.  When the Sun begins to activate "a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual" on October 25/26 each year, it opens the window of time for ritual.  This year, this window of time happens to fall during the Balsamic Moon phase of the Goddess of Magic's (Eris'/Isis') lunar cycle, the Libra cycle. 

Balsamic Moon phase is the time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, the time when dreams are preparing to become real, and the time when we go into the mystic.  It's naturally magical, and a time when the Illuminati minions distort the energetic of the "youth with the lighted candle" into something twisted and anti-human.  Watch the minions make their moves (like Illuminati wannabee and "rapper" Jay Z initiating steps to buy Prince's unreleased library of music...grrrrr.  The Goddess Kali sees.).

So, wise owls, we won't take the bait today.  Today is a set up to act out and act upon anger.  It is not a good move unless it is necessary for defense, in which case, the defender prevails, not the offender.  It's just the way it is with the Eris Point energetic.  As wise owl Sharon in Canada put it, "We the People have taken back the Eris Point."

Indeed.  We stick to the business at hand -- creating renaissance.