Saturday, August 27 - Sunday, August 28, 2016


Saturday: Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Sunday: Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Cancer

As we prepare to close out this Leo lunar cycle, let's take stock of what this month has been about and where we are with things now.  From the Report for the first day of this lunar month:

1- CONVERGENCE OF ALIKE - (New Moon at "an evening lawn party of adults" and Mars at "retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories") The principle of "like attracting like" is dominant this month.  In many ways, the qualities of respect, receptivity, refinement, and civility will actively counter the mayhem being induced by orchestrated traumatic events.  Like-minded people find ways to join forces or join together to share and be of service.

2 - THEATRICS AND DRAMA - (Saturn at "a theatrical representation of a golden haired goddess of opportunity") All the world is a stage this month, but wise owls rise above this and find ways for all the world to be a playground.  The restoration of Wisdom and Will (the emergence of Second Renaissance within humanity) is founded in a return to the heart's desires.  We are not blindly "played," we choose the roles we want to play and the way we want the world to be.  Our individual choices change the collective experience.  New opportunities, mindsets, beliefs, feelings, perceptions, and opportunities emerge and grow.

3 - REPAIR, RECTIFY, MAKE RIGHT - (Black Moon at "a dentist at work") Things reach a point where change must occur in order to restore balance and sanity.

4 - ADVANCING FEARLESSLY - (Jupiter at "a lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena")  The Wisdom Goddess Bhairavi fortifies our hearts with strength and courage this month to make advances.  We "up" our game.

4- RE-EXAMINATION AND REJECTION OF THE PAST AND THE OLD PARADIGM - (Chiron at "the purging of the priesthood")  In many ways, this energetic rids of us what hold us back or what is not in alignment with respect for and harmony with life.

5 - BREAKING THROUGH THE PRISM OF A PRISON - (Venus trine the Galactic Center at "daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky") Gradually throughout the month we will have realizations that re-position us and clear the way for new beginnings.  We break chains that have bound us.

6- NARCISSISM IS "ARCHONTISM" WITH ARCHONS GONE WILD- (Pluto at "school grounds filled with boys and girls in gym suits")  The drama of "archontic tantruming" and people utterly losing their senses continues, as expected this solar-lunar year.  The "magic carpet ride" of this solar lunar year finds people "blinded by the light" and making demands ("screeching" pretty much).  We hold the line, strong in our knowledge that what we are seeing is the rebirth of what is real and true and the end of what is flim flam and false.

7- DOUBLE DEALS AND CORRUPTION COMING TO LIGHT - (Uranus at "a double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings") We see the continuation of "what was done in the dark will be brought to the light."  What was concealed is revealed.  The cabal will continue attempts to execute controlled chaos and strife in order to take control.  Order out of chaos no longer works now that the goddess Sophia is awake and rising.  Word to the Illuminati: all that is undertaken this month will backfire next month.  Give it up.

8- WELL-CRAFTED DESTINY - (North Node at "a fine lace ornamental handkerchief")  The symphonic orchestration of our lives takes on new detail, complexity, and delicacy.  What would you like to weave for your future?

9- GRADUATION AND ELEVATION (Earth at "people on a vast staircase graduated upward" and Neptune at "an examination of initiates in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood")  Time to take things to the next level, wise owls.  This energetic was the theme for the Aquarius 2014 lunar month, which occurred between January 30 - February 27, 2014.  Things that were happening then come to a new level or evolution.

How have these themes unfolded for you this month?

On Sunday, we move to Basamic Moon phase, the time when we release what we do not want to carry with us into the next month.  It's a good idea to reflect on these themes this weekend, as we prepare to "weed out the field of consciousness" and begin anew.  The Sabian symbol for the next lunar month, the Virgo Lunar cycle and the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi's month of duty, is "two heads looking out and beyond the shadows."  To look beyond the shadows next month, we need to identify them now.

Much love for a wonderful, wise weekend, everyone.