Monday, August 29. 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Leo

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Skill: ascertain what is truly important and valuable

True Alignments: applying talent or skill, unveiling, aiming or setting a goal, completing, freed from past restrictions or mindsets, well-placed trust, clearing up, task oriented, true to self and one's path, overcoming, like attracts like (resonance), things coming to light

Catalysts for Change:  missing an opportunity, devaluing self or others, chaotic, drawn off course or tempted, attention deficit, falling, playing games (especially political games including "office politics"), issues of faith and commitment, jealousy, retaliation, self-worth based on acceptance by others

The Electric Universe activates today with the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, one day before Mercury stations retrograde.  Mercury and Venus are making conjunction at the last degree of Virgo, 30 Virgo, and the energetic of "having an urgent task to complete, a man does not look to any distractions."  Heart and mind come together with laser-like focus.

We ignore the distractions and follow our own north star.

RENEWED INTEREST, ENERGY, COMMITMENT, AND DEDICATION with something comes with the Earth discharging the energetic of "illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist."  This may be something we have "put down" or have let go.  It may be something that we had trouble seeing before because it was shrouded (most likely because it is something that would empower us).  This energetic can also bring feelings of loss, especially loss of hope.  We tend to see where we have misplaced our loyalty, where things have crashed down, and where we believe we have failed.  The energetics are trying very hard to release the consternation involved with these things.

GOOD RIDDANCE AND NEW VIBRANCE comes from Mars moving to the degree of "a widow's past is brought to light."  This is another theme of "illumination" today.  This energetic frees us of past darkness and limitations.  So many things are being brought to light right now.  In many ways it is blinding.  The process is meaningful, however, and is bringing about revision.  The old ways and days no longer work.  True intentions and motivations are revealed when this energetic is in effect. 

Mars makes exact square with the North Node (destiny) today, so what is revealed is destined to be revealed.  The North Node is located at "a powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria," so what comes to light enables us to OVERCOME - to get to a better place or state.  This applies personally and collectively.

As our hearts and minds focus or "synch up" today, we may find that the FIELD OF AVAILABLE CHOICES EXPANDS.  This comes with the Sun discharging the energetic of "a harem."  First off, we remember to be neutral about the Sabian symbols.  With attempts to censor free speech at a high, we stand outside of political correctness and maintain the understanding of the specific nature of an energetic.  Harems are against civil liberties, without a doubt.  Another term for harem could be sex slavery. 

The Sabian symbol is specific.  It is not the symbol of "a cafeteria filled with choices," like another symbol; it is a harem, and harems are implicit.  The "many choices" theme that comes with this energetic relates to relationships, including our relationship with our self (perhaps most importantly our relationship with our self).  Key consideration should be given to whatever helps us rise above or transcend.

Today, we each have "an urgent task to complete:" to bring our heart and mind together in focus.  We are not distracted in this mission.  We see through what has been "surrounded by sea and mist."  We remember what is important and valuable to us.  We renew our dedication.

(Note: Mercury will retrograde or appear to move backward in the sky at 9:04 am ET/1:04 pm UT tomorrow.  Communications, travel, electronics, and thoughts can undergo challenges.  Jupiter is in close conjunction with Mercury, so the effects could be widespread or enhanced this time.  Patience and perseverance always help with Mercury retrograde's deliveries.)