Wednesday June 21, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: Balsamic Phase: release, transform, prepare for the new

Moon in Taurus (Moon is Void of Course through 6:44PM today when it moves into Gemini)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): All

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Day: 

Sun - 30 Degrees Gemini “A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds"

Earth – 30 Degrees Sagittarius “The pope blessing the faithful.”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "A radical magazine asking for action displays a sensational front page."

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "a woman's hat with streamers blown by the east wind"

From Andrew: Today marks the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. How do you mark the day? I am a summer person. I love the sun, the bright, beautiful and HOT weather. Hot summer nights. There are many rituals you can perform to celebrate. At least go and be outside.

For the Sun: Society appreciates beauty and glamor – and for those in the northern hemisphere, summer is here and much is on display. It’s important to put on your best face and exude confidence. But take care that it is not a superficial shell.

For the Earth:  The “Pope” is a powerful person who is a symbol of hope and faith to throngs of his faithful. He dispenses blessings from a higher power and holds a connection to the power of all that is, sought by so many but often is felt to be beyond their reach. He is a spokesperson deserving of respect. Power has responsibility.