Thursday, October 18, 2018

Only the remnants of the Moon’s conjunction with Mars linger in the air today. Astrological aspects are relatively quiet for a change.

To navigate those lingering remnants, we will use the keywords of “gentle understanding.” This wisdom comes to us courtesy 12 Deer in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. 12 brings understanding, and Deer is the sign of gentleness.

Gentleness is always a good idea when Mars is involved. However, it can be a challenge to accomplish it because Mars bursts on the scene, takes action (takes over), and leads the charge.

Mars energy is always demonstrative on the roadways in the form of road rage.

The Moon represents our emotions. When the Moon contacts Mars, emotions rise to extreme levels. Emotions can swing very high and very low and back again.

The Moon and Mars are in Aquarius. This means the emotionality centers around power, power issues, power struggles, rapid reactions, changes that need to be made, consideration for the fellowship of humanity, uniqueness, individual rights and freedoms, electrical connections, ingenuity, flashes of insight, things that come from out of the blue. It is also a time to expect the unexpected.

Above all, Aquarius energy puts things the way the are meant to be. In kind, this is also true Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus.

Uranus has been hanging out at the Chiron Point, the energetic of that heals suffering. Uranus is discharging the energetics of “a clear mountain stream.” It is “the Streaming Energetic of Changes.”

All together, today we have gentle understanding of streaming changes that lead to healing.

Can we go with the flow? Yes. We can do this with the wisdom that, again, Aquarius energy puts things the way they are meant to be.


Do you have a more gentle understanding?

I hope so.


1 - A deeper dive shows us the theme of freedom, specifically through the Spirit of Liberty, is strong today. The Sun is discharging “an eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.” The Black Moon is discharging “a flag turned in to an eagle.” And the Earth is discharging “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” (I am feeling some Thomas Jefferson here.)

2- If you ordered a chart from Andrew and have not already received an invoice, your order didn’t make it to him. The first few went into cyberspace. So please resubmit the form, and he will get that right out to you. I am looking forward to hearing how well (or not so well, if that is the case) you are able to use the data and the accompanying “cheat sheets” I composed. I think they are a good value. We can expand the menu of items as we learn what else the parliament of wise owls would like to have.

3 - And finally, just a reminder that tonight is the night I will be on Phoenix’s new one hour show The Patriot Intel Report on Truth Frequency Radio. Hope you can join us!