Monday, October 22, 2018 - Expect the Unexpected

Today and tomorrow, the Sun is in exact opposition with Uranus.

Quiz: Where does Uranus put us?

If you answered, “where we need to be for our highest and best,” A+ for you.

This is what is critical to remember right now: Through often shocking, surprising changes, Uranus is putting things the way they need to be.

This means:

Who we are meant to be.

With whom we are meant to be.

Where we are meant to be.

What we are meant to be doing.

And WHY it is all for our highest and best.

There is no getting around Uranus, and we would not want to.

(Grammar Police: It’s Oracle Report. It’s a conversation. It’s sentence fragments and ending sentences with prepositions.)

We don’t want to try and “get around” Uranus when it is doing Divine Work. Seriously, why would we interfere with a hand of God?

Wouldn't it be better to understand what is actually going on and collaborate? Now wouldn’t that be divine?

We could collaborate by practicing the skill of looking at data/information/knowledge and analyzing it for what it so IN ORDER TO COME TO WISDOM. Today, the Sun is discharging the last degree of Libra. (I hate to see you go; I really love the Sun in Libra.)

The last degree of Libra is “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head.” We look at the data of the PAST, the data of the PRESENT, and combine them to intuit the FUTURE.

What is the data - the concrete facts - showing you? This is personal to each of us and applicable to the world at large.

It does, however, take courage. It takes courage to apply information because it involves the unknown. The tendency is to doubt.

Uranus is doubtless.

My friends, I know of what I speak because I have lived it. And I have watched it with other people. When that happens, faith is no longer needed because reality has been exhibited.

If you operate with a leap of faith today, you will sail high and land on solid ground - better ground, a better place spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

This information applied to tomorrow also, and I will be back with a reminder (with a twist, as the Sun will enter Scorpio and join Jupiter - yes, get ready.)

Remember, expect the unexpected, know it is happening for the highest and best no matter what it looks like, and apply wisdom to the data.

THANK YOU very much for answering the call and sending in the beautiful photographs! Please keep them coming. It is fun!

See you tomorrow.

(Note: Today is 3 Monkey. The lower octave of Monkey is trickster energy. I suspect this announcement about the space elevator is not all that we are being told. Apply wisdom.)