Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Today the energetics ask us to change our perception — to look at things a different way.

With this, it is wise to think before speaking, especially if anger arises. Mercury builds toward opposition with the Eris Point all day, with exact opposition at 10:18 pm ET/2:18 am UT.

The old paradigms and systems are undergoing massive transformation. Today, a combination of “old paradigm” energetics, which are also undergoing recalibration, may attempt chaos. The Earth is discharging “the ruler of a nation,” and Mercury is discharging “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties” before it begins to oppose the Eris Point (favored degree for Illuminati hijinks).

Everything is leading to renaissance - rebirth of humanity - regardless of the way things may appear. Systems and psyches in collapse are merely in the stage of deconstruction before the stage of reconstruction.

Again, today the energetics ask us to change our perception — to look at things a different way.

It’s 10 Road in the tzolkin. 10 is Darkness/The Void and Road is destiny. We walk out of the past (and past darkness) toward new paths of destiny.

The Moon will enter Leo at 5:13 pm ET/9:13 pm UT, beginning to transit opposite the Black Moon in Aquarius. Those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Aquarius or Leo will be undergoing one of the stages of rebirth that happens over the 9-month transit of the Black Moon through Aquarius. It’s a process that makes us more multi-faceted, more brilliant, but by challenging us to make friends with our shadow side (our core fears).

In particular, issues with power/control and feelings of powerlessness arise to be transmuted into personal sovereignty and power and allowance of other’s personal sovereignty and power.

If we are resisting change, the next few days will teach us to accept change. Nature is not stagnant, and neither are we. We can boldly yet gracefully embrace changes knowing that everything is changing right now.

What is emerging for you today?

Ironically, if you reread this tonight (or are reading this for the first time and it is nighttime), it might be easier to see The Road and easier to see things a different way. Certain things show up better when it is dark.

CORRECTION: Yesterday I mentioned wise owl Robin’s new site, but I had the word “reinterpret” on my mind and mistakenly attributed her site. Robin’s site is - Legend of the Three: The Sabian Symbols Are Enlightened. It’s awesome and you can join her mailing list there.