Monday, November 12, 2018

We have a big astrological week ahead. Let’s look at how it begins today:

1 - VALUES, VALUES, VALUES - I have written about values a lot since Venus stationed retrograde on October 5th. That seems like an eternity ago! In many ways it was.

Every day of Venus’ retrograde is significant. In 42 days, Venus tries to do what usually takes it 18 months to do.

So, each day of the retrograde, our ideas about what we truly value change or become fine-tuned. This is why I suggested we make a list of the things we value when Venus went retrograde. It is a good idea to break out this list today and review it. How have the things on your list evolved or devolved since October 5th?

Today, the list of things we value most may require a bit of action, some sort of choice, a change, or some sort of modification. This is in part due to the Sun discharging “obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders” because this energy is about staying true to integrity. It wants us to align with what we value.

The Earth is located at “a moving finger points out significant passages in a book” helping us “see” what Venus retrograde is showing.

Also, this energetic tells us to look at the details of things in general. Go back and see what you might have missed the first time.

Assisting, Mars helps us see how we can make modifications to something to make it even better or to find new uses for things. Mars is discharging “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.” This energetic also speaks to making preparations.

Remember that this retrograde is no ordinary retrograde. This retrograde is opposite Uranus at the Chiron Point, meaning changes must be made -and we are taught what those are. Make the changes Venus and Uranus are asking and see what begins to open up for you when Venus stations direct on Friday.

(Friday is a major astrological day. Not only is Venus stationing direct on Friday, but Mercury will station retrograde on Friday.)

2 - SEEING - We have established that we are supposed to be “seeing” or gaining a better understanding of certain things today, but what if we don’t want to see those things? Mercury is discharging “a widow’s past is brought to light,” after all.

This energetic brings what we don’t want to see right in front of our faces. It reveals and exposes what was previously concealed. Spiritual warriors are grateful for this energetic, hard as it may be sometimes. Growth occurs.

On it's own, Venus is offering us the opportunity to strengthen our will. Currently, it is slowly churning out the energetic of 26 Libra, “an eagle and a white dove turning into each other.” Venus will retrograde at this degree and then continue to discharge it until November 22.

This gives us a long time for “an eagle and a white dove turning into each other.” What wonderful things might turn out during this time?

3 - DEEP - Around 1:00 pm ET/6:00 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct Pluto at 20 Capricorn, “a hidden choir singing during a religious service.” We have assistance from On High.

At 8:49 pm ET/5:49 pm PT, Jupiter will move to 02 Sagittarius. Recall that we are tracking Jupiter movement’s very carefully over the next year because Jupiter is paving the way into Second Renaissance.

02 Sagittarius is “the ocean covered with whitecaps.” It is tumultuous energy — tumult which is often most devastating under the surface. I use the word “devastating” purposely. This degree of the zodiac holds tremendous power, but if it is not on the up and up, it destroys — in massive ways. There is no fear-mongering here at Oracle Report; only reports on data. And the data for this energetic is quite clear. Nothing is hidden for long anymore. Now, the ocean’s whitecaps unearth. Dive deeply under the current if what is whipped up becomes hard to bear.

This is a little bit about a lot of things today! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s energy because we are lifted up with the Black Moon moving to 12 Aquarius - “people on a grand staircase graduated upwards.” Sounds good to me. How about you?