Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wise owls, we are under the influence of the Sun and Jupiter moving toward a square with Mars.

This is happening as Venus is preparing to station direct and as Mercury is preparing to station retrograde.

The purpose of pointing this out is to provide a framework for what is happening in our lives and in the world right now.

The Sun-Jupiter-Mars is activating thelete (will). This manifests in things that are revised, improved, and strengthened.

Venus stationing direct and Mercury stationing retrograde is activating sophia (wisdom). This manifests in things are dramatically changing their shape and course.

However, the archons and their minions are also attempting to use these energies to break will and wisdom. Through sowing seeds of discord, pitting people on the same side against each other, pushing intensive aggression, destroying love and memories, and overall triggering of collective trauma, the are inciting chaos of mind, body, and spirit. They are optimizing the higher potential for anger and hate.

To their dismay, the archons do not control the energies. When they created and spun the planets (other than the Earth and Sun) into the Electric Universe, they rolled the dice.

Astrological energies follow a code of positive and negative polarity that is far beyond the archons. Yes, the energies can be manipulated by manipulating events that happen under specific energies, but the laws cannot be broken. The Divine will always rise within the code.

In their arrogance and blindness, the archons believe they can override the law.

This is a deep analysis for a daily report, but one that I think that is needed to put perspective on life today.

The Divine will rise within the Sun-Jupiter-Mars as it builds toward November 19. What will develop then?

The Sabian symbols involved are the Sun at “the King of the Fairies approaching his domain,” Jupiter at “two men playing chess,” and Mars at “a petrified forest” (which represents resilience).

Could peace be upon us?

We don’t know for sure, but it is a good bet since the archons are gunning it with all that they’ve got.

Today is 13 Jaguar, the day of the highest levels of integrity or the highest levels of corruption.

Keep your beaks up, wise owls, and keep making those changes that Venus retrograde wants us to make before Friday.