Monday, November 5, 2018

We continue through the last days of Jupiter in Scorpio, the time when darkness has been brought up from the hidden underworld to be brought to open light.

Today is 4 Serpent in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. My teacher called this energy “the time to put out fire that has grown evil.”


4 Serpent can be somewhat chaotic, with fast pitches coming at us.

With this, Venus and Uranus remain locked in tight opposition, reinforcing the fast pace and things coming from out of the blue. Situations and circumstances that develop today serve to rearrange things toward a higher value. These two are churning the base/foundation of our world and our lives to align with the highest and best. Both are retrograde, and it’s a rare opportunity for us. Things are put the way they are supposed to be. Guaranteed.

It’s essential to remember this notion about the “guarantee.” Losses, mistakes, accidents, misunderstandings - everything - are under the influence of this powerful Venus-Uranus aspect, which means that whatever happens is bringing something to the place it needs to be. Silver linings show through later on down the line.

We TRUST because the data of Venus (retrograde) opposite Uranus (retrograde) is ample and validated.

The Sun is trine Neptune, adding higher-dimensional spiritual dynamics. Synchronicities abound to help things become clearer.

News, information, and communications are highlighted with the Sun discharging “telephone linemen at work installing new connections.” Bring on the new connections!

Be aware that false flag potential is higher today, which is not unexpected, given the climate and stakes in the world right now. The Moon opposes the Eris Point (21 Aries, degree of false flags, “a boxer entering the ring”) today with exact opposition at 3:31 pm ET/8:31 pm UT. Additionally, Jupiter is discharging the last degree of Scorpio, “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.” Saturn, energetic home of the archons, continues to discharge “10 logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.” These are prime energies for negative spin and deception. We are not mislead.

Mars will move to 25 Aquarius at 5:07 pm ET/10:07 pm UT, discharging “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.” Here, Mars is conjunct the USA’s natal Moon for the next few days…

Today’s energy certainly brings the opportunity to regain lost opportunities, the theme for this astrological year. It may be emotionally challenging, but Venus assists, as it discharges “a man in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels come to his aid.” We are not alone.

It’s an historic time for sure. Let’s make the most of it, wise owls!


I am so happy to introduce wise owl Aubree and her article “The Astrology of Q” linked at Take a deep dive with Aubree’s brilliant mind and please feel free to share it (and this report, as always).

How about this photo from wise owl Pete in Joshua Tree? Pete writes: “Here’s a photo for you. It's a properly-disposed of (buried) American flag that was unearthed by a recent flash flood here in Joshua Tree....I personally found it very symbolic for These Times. And it has a ‘beating heart’ in the middle. Photographed as found by yours truly.” A buried treasure. How divine.

And I am feeling some TP/HB - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, my favorite. Here is some music of the spheres if you need a lift today or if you just want to listen to one fine rock and roll tune. From Echo, an often-forgotten but beautiful album. Another buried treasure.

“One Day, One More Night”