Thursday, November 8, 2018

Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius!

It was a long haul to get here. Can you feel the shift in energy?

If not, give it a little time to settle in. Depending on your chart, it make take until the Sun leaves Scorpio in a couple of weeks to fully shake it.

Since we have seen that Jupiter is a major player in ushering in Second Renaissance (it is the largest planet in the solar system, after all!), we will track it’s movement through each of the degrees more closely over the next year.

Remember that Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign. They exalt the truth, and in doing so, they bring reform. Deception is not tolerated and comes to light. We question meaninglessness and gravitate to what is truly meaningful to us.

Venus’ retrograde is paving the way nicely for us to see what is truly meaningful and then take it to new heights while Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius brings discussions to higher levels. Jupiter in Sagittarius is lofty and expansive. The highest octaves involve maturity, immense amounts of learning, and discovering new and better ways.

The lowest octaves involve lying, hiding things, never-ending and self-destructive pursuits, and undervaluing what is simple and reliable.

Overall, Jupiter in Sagittarius UPLIFTS.

Let’s track the first degree of it:

NOVEMBER 8 - NOVEMBER 12, 2018: 01 Sagittarius: “retired Army veterans gather to reawaken old memories”

The spirits of liberty and fellowship sweep through first, producing realignments toward better ways. Systems, methods, and roles change. The “Resonance Principle” (like attracts like, unalike repels unalike) is strongly in effect to shift the energies from Scorpio’s underworld to Sagittarius’ truth. We release struggle by looking back to the past for wisdom and apply it in the present.

Looking more specifically at today, we have themes of:

1 - COLLABORATION - Things will work much better today if they are approached from a collaborative perspective. A transformation occurs when we take things that have been carried alone and share them with another or others. The Sun is discharging “a woman filled with her own spirit is the father of her own child.” This is an energetic of independence and self-sufficiency, but it is fully integrated when we bring balance. If you have neglected something, today is the day to return to it.

2 - MIGHT AND LIGHT - The Earth is discharging “a symbolic battle between swords and torches.” In the old paradigm, this was might versus light. We align with Mighty Light now. It is a good idea to look back to the original goal or mission in order to line back up. If we have been lost in something, this energy helps us find the way back.

3 - REGAINED OPPORTUNITIES - Metaphorically-speaking, the “golden-haired goddess of opportunity” comes on the scene with Mercury today. It’s a chance to regain lost opportunities, the theme for this astrological year. Mercury is discharging 10 Sagittarius, “a theatrical representation of a golden-haired goddess of opportunity.”

Whatever happens today foreshadows what happens on December 1 (when the Sun reaches this degree) and December 18 - 22 (when Jupiter reaches this degree). Make a note of what happens today and mark your calendars for the other dates and to look back to today. It will provide excellent data.

Today is 7 Star in the tzolkin - a time to reflect (7) on wishes and high hopes (Star) while being grateful for one’s current blessings.

Many blessings to you today! And many warm birthday wishes to our dear wise owl Anna G, without whom Oracle Report would not be here! Happy birthday, Anna, and thank you for all that you do for the world!