Monday, April 16, 2018

Where were you and what was happening around April 20, 2010?

The planet Chiron, archetypal energy of wounding, healing, and teaching, left Aquarius and entered Pisces then.  That was eight years ago.

Tonight Chiron will leave Pisces and will enter Aries at 4:10 am ET/8:10 am UT.  Chiron begins a new go-around of the zodiac.  It will transit through Aries until June 2026.  So we not only have a new year beginning, we have a new Chiron transit beginning (it takes Chiron 50 years to travel around the zodiac).

In the Greek myths, Chiron was a Master.  He was the original "Renaissance Man."  Chiron's entry into Aries today signals the return of The Master.  The energy is fresh, vitalized, and helps us master ourselves and the conditions of our planet.

As we align with the brash and bold Aries New Moon (which is intended to blow open our imaginations), we are joined by the best ally -- Chiron.  Chiron is the wisest teacher.  And wisdom is what saves the day (and enables us to regain "a lost opportunity" this year).

What has shown up for you over the past few days that illustrates a new opportunity for you?  What are your thoughts about this, as we set our goals, hopes, and wishes for the new year?

What have you been doing since 2010 that you want to do it differently?

How is your heading different now, at the new year?

You are in control.

If that is a scary thought, or if taking on our own power feels daunting, we revert to engaging our imaginations.  We return to childlike wonderment for guidance and direction.  In essence, it is all in our heads - the problem and the solution.

Take heart in the relief that comes with being able to act like a child in your mind and actually get what you need.  In a way, we have "permission" to not grow up, exactly, but to grow down.  We "recapture" the innocence, lack of bias, joy, curiosity, strength, and sheer delight of children in their natural state.

Apparently, all we needed to know about creating Second Renaissance, we learned in kindergarten.

Kindergarten was my favorite grade to teach, and I am so happy to be back at the keyboard (Chiron-style) once again.  It is an honor.

Let's ponder these questions today, and get to work at remembering what our imagination is and starting to fire it up with this Aries New Moon.

Start gently.  The first day of kindergarten can be a little traumatic for some.  We have the whole month to adjust (which means a whole month to set up goals and intentions for the year).

(Keep in mind that the Mars-Black Moon conjunction remains in heavy effect until exact conjunction on Thursday [at 1:49 pm ET/5:49 pm UT].  We are not going to let a little bullying by these two ruin our time.  Instead, we watch as the energies work in the positive to unearth the remaining shadows hovering over the fellowship of humanity.  Lies and deception are quickly handled by kindergarten teachers.  That sort of behavior is not acceptable any longer.)

We welcome the New Moon that ends our "lids" being blown off by last year's "a woman's hat with streamers, blown by the east wind."  Now, "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.

Shall we?

New Moon Phase: beginnings, set goals and intentions, envision the world we want

Moon in Taurus

SUN: 27 Aries - "through imagination a lost opportunity is regained"

EARTH: 27 Libra - "an airplane sails high in the clear sky"

Catalysts for Change:  fear of moving forward, placing restrictive conditions on self/others, gossip, divide and conquer, victimization, buying things to satisfy an inner need, power and control issues, reduction of things to the point of unrecognizability

True Alignments:  seeing clearly/having the courage to honestly see, rising up to a new perspective, clearing the field and starting over, limitless, expansion, graduating to a new level, Divine Inspiration

Emissaries of Sophia and Thelete: Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind) and Ian (The East)