Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Welcome to Chiron in Aries! 

With Chiron starting a new round of the zodiac, beginning an eight year transit through Aries, things will begin to move more quickly.  People, places, and things that have been "stuck" will start to lift off.  Rapid-fire injections of healing and teaching are on tap to move us deeper into Second Renaissance more quickly.  Chiron in Aries is good medicine.

We get a sense of the magnitude of a planet moving into a new sign when we think about how long it takes for a planet to change signs.  Chiron is rather far away, taking 50 years to make one orbit around the Sun.  When it enters a new sign, the change in energetics is usually quite palpable.  It usually requires an adjustment period.

ADJUSTMENTS are a primary theme today, with the added energies of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury.  Each of these planets is discharging codes that advise us to make adjustments.

What needs to be adjusted now, in the energetics of a brand new year?  What expectations need modification?  Is anything happening that is "against our will?"  What solutions are more reasonable?  What will calm the waters?  What needs to be faced?

These are individual and global questions for us today.

These questions (and their answers) may come into closer focus between 4:41 pm ET/8:41 pm UT and 6:05 pm ET/10:05 pm UT.  The Moon will oppose Jupiter and then make conjunction with Venus during this timeframe.  (Sabian symbols include Venus at "a white dove flying over troubled waters," Jupiter at "obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders," and the Moon at "a moving finger points to significant passages in a book.)  Mercury assists the illuminates answers with "a square brightly lighted on one side."

Every year on April 17 and October 20, the Sun and Earth discharge the energetics of "a large disappointed audience" and "a man in deep gloom, unnoticed, angels come to his aid."  It is one of the more emotionally intensive pair of symbols, and makes for days when we do not give in to defeatist, negative attitude -- as the energy would naturally prompt.  WE DO NOT GIVE UP.  We focus on the balance of these energies that comes with TRUSTING IN A HIGHER POWER.  Every day in every way, angels help us and go unnoticed.  They ARE there, and they work their hardest when we are our neediest.  We are not alone, even if the energetics feel this way.

Today, the primary skill to practice is adjustment.  Could it really be true that we are adjusting to a better way, a better world?  It really could and it really is.  No defeat.  No disappointment.  Only semper fi.

Tomorrow - the great annual Sun-Uranus Conjunction!  Massive change is upon us!