Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Moon Phase: begin, set goals and intentions for the new astrological year

Moon in Gemini

Sun:  29 Aries  - "the music of the spheres"

Earth: 29 Libra - "mankind's vast enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation"

Tzolkin: 11 Seed

Skill: slow down; flow with changes

True Alignments:  illuminated solutions, making a statement or mark, true gems, gaining important knowledge and information for the future and planning for the future, flashes of inspiration, the tests of time

Catalysts for Change:  greed, war, in-fighting, inner conflict, extreme anger/angry outbursts, false sources, delusions, rejection or loss (something better for you will compensate, but it may not be visible until a later date), breakups, breakdowns

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)

The Sun and Uranus make their one-day-a-year conjunction today, so this report will be very "Sun-Uranus."  That means we are going to keep it real and quick today.


1 - MAJOR CHANGES in all kinds of ways.  Uranus puts us where we need to be when we cannot get there ourselves.  The most difficult things that occur turn out later to have a silver lining.  As hard as it may be, the changes that occur (and the "losses" that occur) are ultimately for our highest and best.

2 - SHOCKING, FAST, AND EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED EVENTS - Uranus does whatever it has to do in order to set things right -- the ways they should be.  Things come from "out of the blue" and can blindside us, as this is Uranus' way of correcting matters.

3 - ACCIDENTS - Take extra care when driving.  Be sure to turn off electrical appliances and double check that flames are extinguished.  The conjunction is in Aries, which is a fire sign, and Uranus rules electricity.  Various types of malfunctions with devices and technology can occur.  SLOW DOWN to minimize the potential.

4 - RE-SETS, and this is especially true for this particular Sun-Uranus conjunction because it occurs at 29 Aries, "the music of the spheres."  This is an attuning or re-tuning to a higher consciousness.  The energetic "recalibrates" our vibratory fields, fine-tuning for sophistication (sophist/Sophia/wisdom).  Listening to music (of any kind, but particularly bird song) is a good idea today.

5 - HEADACHES - Rushes of blood to the head increase the potential for headaches and higher blood pressure levels.  Practice the things that are calming.  Try not to overthink, but rather go with the flow of Uranus.  The Earth is located at the opposite degree of the conjunction - 29 Libra, "mankind's vast enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation."  Wisdom is trying to reach us.

6 - DRAMATIC EVENTS AND DISPLAYS - Visual displays of brilliance, visual displays of war or power, visual displays of what one has to offer, visual displays of inner wealth and talent, and displays that make a statement or mark achievements come with Venus discharging "a jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels."  The events of today's Sun-Uranus will have long-lasting effects and results.  Make your own mark.

Bear in mind that in addition to the mega conjunction of the Sun and Uranus, we are also in a conjunction between Mars and the Black Moon.  Impulsivity, extreme anger, warlike thoughts and behavior, conflicts/arguments/clashes, recklessness, projection of one's own feelings, jealousy, shadow sides, and overall ugliness are the lowest octaves of this.  The higher octaves are revitalized energy to carry on, rapid revelations of truth, revolutionary ideas and actions, and recognition of achievements and contributions.

All of these aspects are creating a VERY intense day (one day after the mega-intensity of Chiron moving into Aries.  Did you notice?  How could one not?  The day an outer planet changes signs is hard core!).

Exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus occurs today at 9:59 am, and will be in effect all day.

Exact conjunction of Mars and the Black Moon occurs tomorrow, April 19 at 1:49 pm ET at 18 Capricorn, "the Union Jack flied from a new British warship."  False flag potential is quite high between now and then.

Ok, remember:  SLOW DOWN and FLOW WITH THE CHANGES AND DISRUPTIONS of all of this "music of the spheres" (astrology).  Do not forget to listen to music.  Safe travels on your journeys today, wise owls.