Cancer 2018 Cycle: July 12 - August 10, 2018 - "Surpassing"

The Cancer cycle enters with the New Moon at 10:48 pm ET at 21 Cancer and the Sabian symbol  (energetic illustration) of "a prima donna singing."

What imagery does this symbol bring to your mind's eye?

The Sabian symbols are an efficient yet highly creative and individualized opportunity for the archetypal mind to reconnect with soul.  The astrology of the Sabian symbols offers us the key to rising above seemingly random and uncontrollable outside forces that shape perceptions (and thus our experience of life).  In so doing, we make order out of the chaos of the matrix in which we are awakening.  Our consciousness turns to something else -- something beyond.

The energetic of "a prima donna singing" is the energy for SURPASSING.  A prima donna surpasses the norm.  She takes the tune to a new level.  She brings the soul up from the depths.  The prima donna is the principal singer of the opera because she has experienced things; she has feared, risked, lost, and won, and in the process of them all has found the Depths of the Heart.  She sings from the True Place - from the soul.

We find that what comes from the voice first comes from the gut.  

Here are the main themes/opportunities for the month, along with brief highlights for some of the days (I will keep this post on the homepage for reference throughout the month - our understanding of the report will grow):


When we have cardinal cycles (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), our collective and individual perceptions shift.  Things begin to move in new directions.  We see and feel things differently.  This occurs over the course of the cycle, but is often felt in a pronounced way during the first three days of the New Moon.  It can be disconcerting and destabilizing, but this is just a natural part of the way energy rolls and evolutions unfolds.  We adjust, knowing that essentially an upgrade is in process

The Cancer cycle takes us to the SOUTH direction of the Wheel.  (Suggestion: search engine via the internet or books "south on the medicine wheel" or such and see what you find and what resonates for you about the south direction and also search engine via nature - focus on what you see in the southerly direction anytime or place)


Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will be in a Grand Trine configuration at the New Moon.  This Grand Trine is in the element of Earth and activates the Chiron Point.  The Chiron Point is 4 degrees of Taurus, the degree of zodiac where the planetary body Chiron was located when it was "discovered" or brought into consciousness.  This degree in the zodiac can be considered a "critical" degree.  The energetic of 4 Taurus is exceptionally strong and outwardly visible when one understands the pattern.

That is not to imply that the Chiron Point energy is simple; it is not.  It's gift is only found after intense "initiatory" types of experiences -- rough times in life, various quests, heartbreak, anything hard won.  Chiron is the great Wounded Healer and Teacher.  He runs the spectrum from the Hero to the Teacher.  Chiron is Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Arthur and Merlin, Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, Hercules and Chiron.  With the Chiron energetic, the Hero becomes the Master after an inordinate amount of suffering, effort, perseverance and usually self-sabotage.

The Grand Trine at the New Moon indicates a month of tremendous healing of issues and a necessary integration of what we have learned on our travels (through our ordeals) to date.  This is the Gnosis of Chiron -- the gift of Chiron.

Heroes and Masters rise this cycle to counter the way the archons will exploit the lower octave divide and conquer, aggressive energetics of the Grand Trine all month.  At the time of the New Moon (which sets the energetic imprint for the month), Venus will be discharging "black and white children playing happily together."  Saturn will be discharging "Indians - some rowing a canoe, others dancing a war dance in it."  The lowest expression of these is division and polarity -- choice energetic fluff for trying to incite civil wars. 

It won't work because that system of hierarchy and control is in a larger cycle of dissolution.  The other planet in the Grand Trine, Uranus, contributes to this as it is discharging "steps up to a lawn blooming with clover."  We reach a peak, a high point, a vantage point, a pinnacle, an understanding, an insight, a guide.  With this energetic, hierarchies end.  This month, the process of dissolution takes surprising turns and reveals the unexpected.  This is the way of Uranus.


The New Moon is in tight opposition to Pluto.  This is a very big deal in and of itself because it amps up the level of intensity and the degree of transformation that will occur this month.  It usually comes on hard and strong and can produce deep emotions and swings of emotions.  This is a Cancer cycle.  Cancer energy is emotional.  Pluto can turn those emotions toward darker places.

The energetic of "a prima donna singing" will naturally bring up what people want to say.  Pluto's influence tempts people to do this in ugly ways and then rationalize their behavior.  It only gives the archons a field day to siphon energy. 

Pluto's higher octave teaches that sometimes we need to go to a "darker" place in order to find Siege - the Silence and the Stillness of the Void.  In the Gnostic tradition, the aeon Siege is the mother of the aeon Sophia (Wisdom).  The Silence and the Stillness of the Void is a source of creativity.  We find it by going inward.  Pluto takes us within to transform.  We bring something to light or back to light.  This is a beautiful thing.


A caveat is clear cut: a New Moon in opposition to Pluto and both in square to the Eris Point brings the Winds of Revolution.  This is why the cabal is going full-throttle with the divide and conquer right now.  This month is their best chance to get people to fight with each other (which only keeps the pressure and focus off of THEM).  They want to control the energy of revolution that is natural to the astrology this month.

This, also, isn't going to work.  More people are putting together the pieces of the control hierarchy (at all levels) than people who are acting out.  INSTINCTS are being triggered.  People who are awake or awakening are seeing new levels of the matrix and, in the process, freeing themselves.  People who are not awake and not showing signs of rousing are reacting impulsively from the lower chakras, trying to maintain some sense of control or stem the freefall of soul sleep.


When a planet is retrograde, it re-works and revises things relative to the planet.  Mars rules our energy, what we do with our time, action, initiation, impetus, and the masculine principle.  Mars is currently retrograde and heading backward toward the Black Moon (which will leave Capricorn on August 6, 2018).  Mars is thoroughly working over our energy levels, hitting the refresh button.  We are inclined to step out and take action during Cancer cycles, but with Mars retrograde, these new starts are being polished and refined before they are moving forward.  Mars will station direct on August 27, 2018 at 10:05 am ET, and refreshment comes to the world.

Mercury is going to station retrograde on July 26, 2018 at 1:03 am ET.  It will be retrograde until August 19, 2018 at 12:24 am ET.  This Mercury retrograde focuses on our physical body and the expansion of our psyches to hold and decode more light/information.  Mercury stations retrograde at 24 Leo, "totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of his body."  It will be very important to practice self care during the retrograde period.  Mercury directly affects the mind, and the activations can cause headaches.  The physical symptoms that are being experienced en masse will be amplified by Mercury's retrograde in combination with Mars' retrograde.


The New Moon occurs on the day 5 Water in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  5 Water is The Offering of Love.  It's a wonderful tone of energy to have with us all month long, and we want to make sure we are expressing it each day.

To help, here is a brief summary of highlighted days for "heads up" and knowledge; I will update periodically as needed through the month:

July 12, 2018: New Moon at 10:48 pm ET

July 13, 2018:  heightened anger (Moon conjunct Mars), communications highlighted (Moon conjunct Mercury), control issues - especially in relationships, taking responsibility, financial markets highlighted (Venus trine Saturn)

July 15, 2018:  critical of self others (Moon conjunct Venus), beginning of Sun transiting opposite the Black Moon through July 20 (shadow sides, Black Moon Days)

July 18, 2018: destiny, finding purpose (Mars conjunct South Node)

July 19, 2018:  excellent energetics for the US-Russia summit

July 20, 2018:  repairs, repairs to communications, hyper emotional, welling up from the underworld, exaggeration (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

July 21, 2018:  Venus begins transit opposite Neptune through July 24 with heights of creativity and beauty but also potential for "volcanic explosions" of various types

July 22, 2018:  Sun enters Leo and begins to conjunct Mars - anger rises, potential for narcissistic behavior, creativity, fun

July 24, 2018: war/warpath/aggressiveness, archons on parade (Moon conjunct Saturn); love (Venus opposition Neptune)

July 25, 2018:  spiritual assistance for transformation and change, Black Moon Day (Moon conjuncts Pluto)

July 26, 2018:  glimpse of future, wanting to be heard, rebellion and revolution (Moon conjunct Black Moon for the last time in Capricorn); Mercury stations retrograde

July 27, 2018: Full Moon conjunct Mars and South Node - judgment of past, surprises, take extra care to drive safely, turn off appliances, and extinguish flames; the ancestors speak

July 28, 2018: potential for issues with communications, electronics, travel; trains and tunnels (Moon square Jupiter)

July 29, 2018:  rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

July 30, 2018:  things happen that put other things in place but we often don't see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

July 31, 2018:  maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

August 1, 2018:  spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

August 2, 2018:  fiery -- take care with words and actions, use nourishing words (Moon trine Sun, Moon square Pluto)

August 3, 2018:  global(ist)moves (Moon square Black Moon); wounding, healing, teaching, changes, alignments, accidents (Moon conjunct Uranus)

August 4, 2018:  storm may be strong (Moon opposition Jupiter)

August 5, 2018:  watch communications; Divine Inspiration; Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

August 6, 2018: 2:54 am ET - Black Moon enters Aquarius and begins conjunction with Mars; 7:28 pm ET Venus enters Libra and begins transit opposite Chiron - huge day, strong energy

August 7, 2018: manipulation or sincerity (Moon oppose Pluto)

August 8,  2018: 4:18 pm ET transference of light (Venus opposition Chiron)

August 10, 2018:  head rushes, don't rush, keep the faith (Moon opposes Black Moon and Mars) - another huge day

August 11, 2018: New Moon in Leo

I have been in deep instruction with the Mahavidyas and have been keeping notes to share what I am learning.  At this point, the several incomplete books I have been working on seem to be coming together into one.  I am also completing the backlog of readings I have, and will let everyone know when I am caught up and ready to schedule again.

Happy New Moon, everyone!